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Know IPL 2023 New Format and New Rules in Detail

Cricket’s most exciting T20 league is all set to start on 31st March, 2023. This edition of IPL will be played with a new format and many different new rules. 10 teams will be ready for an action-packed cricketing event that will last for almost 2 months.

While supporting your favourite franchise and enjoying the cricket carnival, it is also important that you get to know new rules and format. So, fasten your seat belts, as we make you aware of the new format and new IPL rules for 2023 edition.


IPL 2023 Format

The IPL 2023 edition will be played in the same manner as the 2022 edition. The only change would be in terms of venues, as this year each team will have a separate home venue as opposed to limited venues last season. Following are some of the important points regarding the IPL 2023 format:

  • There are 2 groups with 5 teams each.
  • Groups and who plays whom across the groups once and twice was decided by a random draw.
  • Each team will play 14 games in the group stage with 2 games against four teams in the group; one game each against the four teams of the other group, and 2 games against the remaining team.
  • Every win is worth 2 points, a loss will carry no points. In case there is no result, each team will be awarded 1 point.
  • In the playoff stage there will be 4 games.

Qualifier 1: This will be played between top 2 teams from the group stage. The winner will advance directly to the final, while the losing team will get one more chance in qualifier 2.

Eliminator: This match will be played between 3rd and 4th team from the group stage. Campaign will be over for the losing team, while the winning team will face the losing team of qualifier 1 in qualifier 2.

Qualifier 2: This match will be played between the losing team of qualifier 1 and the winning team of eliminator. The winning team will join the winner of qualifier 1 in the final, while the campaign will end for the losing team.

Final: This will be played between the winners of qualifier 1 and qualifier 2. The winning team will be crowned as champions of TATA IPL 2023 season.

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IPL 2023 New Rules

The major new rule for IPL 2023 is the introduction of an impact player. Apart from this, the IPL 2023 edition will follow last season’s rules. Following are IPL 2023 rules:

  • Each innings will have 2 DRS.
  • If the mode of dismissal is catch, then irrespective of whether the two batsmen have crossed, the new batsman will keep the strike, exception being the dismissal of the last ball of the over.
  • If a team fails to put together playing 11 due to COVID-19, there will be an attempt to reschedule the game.
  • In case the rescheduling is not possible, then the IPL technical team will take a call.
  • With respect to playoffs and the final, if super overs or following super overs cannot be completed due to any reason, the team with the highest points in the group stage will be declared as the winner.

IPL 2023 Impact Player Rule

Impact player rule is introduced for the first time in IPL history. Let us understand what this rule is and how it might impact the course of the game.

  • No foreign player and only an Indian player can be an impact player, exception being that a team has less than 4 foreign players in the playing 11.
  • If a foreign player is to be an impact player, then he must be a part of 4 substitutes named in the team sheet. In case a team brings on a foreign player as an impact player, no 5th foreign player can take the field.
  • During toss time, teams need to pick 4 substitutes along with playing 11. Only one out of the 4 substitutes can be picked as an impact player.
  • An impact player will be nominated by the captain.
  • Introduction of an impact player can take place before the start of an innings, at the end of an over, at the fall of wicket, or if the batter retires anytime during the over.
  • A player who is replaced by the impact player can take no further part in the match and also cannot be used as a substitute fielder.
  • Substitute player cannot act as a captain.
  • An impact player can replace a retired batter, who can be allowed to return if the need arises.
  • Only one impact player can be used by each team during the match. However, there is no compulsion, if a team wishes not to use an impact player, they can do so.
  • If a player gets injured and is replaced by an impact player, then the injured player can no longer take part in the match.
  • If an impact player gets injured, a substitute player will be allowed to field in place of him only if umpires are satisfied. The substitute cannot bowl or act as a captain.
  • As per the playing conditions, there will be a penalty time for the batting and fielding teams to the player off the field for the substitute.

IPL 2023 Auction Rules

IPL 2023 auctions allowed the franchises to retain the majority of their players as compared to the auction that took place for IPL 2022 edition.

  • Franchises can buy players only from the allocated purse balance.
  • It is mandatory for each team to spend at least 75% of their purse amount.
  • There will be no Right to Match (RTM) card available with any franchise.
  • Each franchise can have a squad of 18-25 players, 18 being minimum and 25 being maximum number of players.
  • Out of the maximum 25 players, only 8 or less players can be foreign players and a minimum of 17 Indian players.

IPL Betting Tips

There are few things to keep in mind before you go for IPL betting. These are tips that will help you place better bets:

  • Proper and thorough research – Understand the players, their recent form, their track record against a particular venue and opponent. Analysing such factors can help you make an informed decision.
  • Select the right and trusted online betting platform – Check the odds, rewards, and promotions offered by the betting platform.
  • Analyse which betting type to go for – There are betting types like match betting, innings betting, and ball-by-ball bets. Understand your betting skills and select the type of bet accordingly.

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  1. Where can I do IPL 2023 betting online?

You can do online IPL 2023 betting on a trusted platform like Uwin.

  1. Is an impact player a new concept in the IPL?

Yes. To understand this impact player rule, read the “IPL 2023 Impact Player Rule” section rule above.

  1. Who is the new captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad?

Sunrisers Hyderabad team has named Aiden Markram as their captain for the IPL 2023 season.

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