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How to Play Jhandi Munda – Beginner’s Guide

Jhandi Munda is a top-rated game in India that goes by Crown and Anchor in different parts of the world. It is a game that depends entirely on your luck, so there isn’t the need to remember long rules and strategies to win the game. 

The Jhandi Mundi game is the Indian version of dice betting. Six different dice are used to play the game, and each of the dice has six sides. This betting game is usually played during Indian festivals like Dashami, Tihar and Dashain. You will also find Jhandi Munda on the different online casinos, so you don’t have to wait for a special occasion now to try out your luck.


How to play Jhandi Munda

The Jhandi Munda game isn’t a challenging game to understand and play. However, with a few strokes of luck combined with a couple of skills, the dice game can provide solitary or interactive fun for hours. The gameplay of Jhandi Munda remains the same, more or less in both the online and offline versions. 

Rules to play Jhandi Munda

Six dice are used to play the Jhandi Munda game, similar to the dice in the ludo game. The only difference is that symbols replace the numbers in the dice in the Jhandi Munda game. The symbols that are in the dice are as follows: 

  • Club
  • Diamond
  • Spade
  • Heart
  • Flag
  • Face

The gameplay of Jhandi Munda is fast-paced, where the players have to bet on the symbol that will appear when the dealer rolls the dice. There is a dealer in the game rolling the dice and accepting the bets made by the players. The game results are known instantly, and the payouts are made according to the game rules. 

To win the game of Jhandi Munda, you need to guess the number of symbols selected by you to fall face up. The more of your selected symbols fall face up, the more you win this dice betting game

Game terms

Well, there aren’t any specific terms associated with the Jhandi Munda game except for ‘Jhandi’, which means that the card you chose falls face up. However, some people like to name their favourite symbols with a nickname of their choice so that you might find various terms with the same meaning. 

Jhandi Munda Strategies

Although the Jhandi Munda game is mainly based on luck, there are still a few strategies that you can put to use. These strategies are similar to what you will use while playing Blackjack or Roulette. 

One such strategy that you can use while playing the game of Jhandi Munda is the concept of cold and hot numbers. Here the numbers are being replaced by symbols. A cold symbol comes out the least number of times, and a hot one is the one that comes out the most number of times. 

Jhandi Munda Payouts

The payouts in the Jhandi Munda game slightly differs from casino to casino. However, if you play the game online on any website, payout chances are much higher than playing in real life. The average potential return of a player is around 97. 4% in the Jhandi Munda game. Most casinos, if not all, follow this particular payout rate:

  • With 1 Jhandi, you get x1 times your original bet amount
  • With 2 Jhandi, you get x2 times your original bet amount
  • With 3 Jhandi, you get x3 times your original bet amount
  • With 4 Jhandi, you get x4 times your original bet amount
  • With 5 Jhandi, you get x5 times your original bet amount
  • With 6 Jhandi, you get x6 times your original bet amount

If you win any of the above Jhandi, you get your bet money back along with the extra money according to the number of Jhandi you have won.  

Similarities between the online and offline versions of Jhandi Munda

If you are confused about enjoying Jhandi Munda offline or online, here are a few similarities mentioned between both games: 

  • Both the online and offline version of Jhandi Munda depends mostly on luck. Both the versions of Jhandi Munda are a game of chances. 
  • Both versions use six dice to play the game. Six symbols are portrayed on each of the six dice, which are the same on both game variants. 
  • You can play both variants of the game to have fun and earn some extra money. 
  • No laws prohibit any version of the Jhandi Munda game. Both the online and offline versions are legal in our country. However, you must be 18 years old to dive into the fantastic world of Jhandi Munda

Differences between the online and offline version of Jhandi Munda

While there are a few similarities between online and offline versions, there are also differences: 

  • A notable difference is age restrictions. Although there are no specific age restrictions to play Jhandi Munda in real life, you must be 18 years old to enjoy the online version of Jhandi Munda on online casino websites. 
  • The payouts in the game’s online versions are much more than those played in real life. Apart from various rewards provided by the online casinos, the potential return of a person playing the game online is almost 97.4%. 

The online version of the game is deemed safer than its offline counterpart because any authoritative body doesn’t regulate the offline game, and stakes are decided based on trust. On the other hand, the online casinos to play the Jhandi Munda game online are regulated, secure, and legal gaming websites

You can play the game for free without choosing the stakes on the online casinos as many times as you. So it is recommended that you play the game for free, and once you get hold of it, you can choose the stakes and play it to win real money. 

 Where can you play Jhandi Munda?

As it is a popular dice game, you can find people playing the Jhandi Munda game on the streets or at your locality now and then. But if you want to play the game in a regulated environment, from the comfort of your home, then you can choose any online casino to play the game. Different online casino websites offer the famous Jhandi Munda game. However, make sure that the online website that you choose is legal and secured. 

Now that you know what Jhandi Munda is, how it is played, its rules and strategies, maybe it is time for you to find the right online casino and try out your luck in the game. It is a fun way to kill your free time and also earn some extra money in the process. So end your wait to earn money by playing games and hop on to an online casino to enjoy Jhandi Munda. 

Jhandi Munda FAQs

  1. What is the look of the Jhandi Munda Dice?

The Jhandi Munda game has six dice each with different six sides. Every side of the dice shows a different red or black symbol.

  1. How can a player predict in a Jhandi Munda game?

It is a chance game where the players should predict the surfaces of the dice that roll and show face-up. The player can observe the dealer toss-up the dice and then figure out the pattern and guess. However, it is all up to luck.

  1. What are the symbols on the side of the dice?

The different symbols on the side of the dice can be a heart/ spade/ diamond/ club/ crown/ flag.

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