Free Cricket Betting Tips

Free Cricket Betting Tips to Win Real Money

Cricket is one of the most preferred games to place bets in the betting community. But one thing that worries both newbie and professional bettors is how to win some real money by betting on cricket matches and the rewards and risks of betting. Although most people bet on Cricket for the money, some people do it for the experience of enjoying a cricket match at a different level altogether.

Online betting is also a source of entertainment for many people as the betting sites offer features like cashback, special offers, welcome bonuses etc. It also gives you the freedom of placing your bets from any corner of the country.

Mentioned below are a few tips on cricket betting so that you can fill your pockets with some extra cash.


Read about Cricket and the Betting Market

Cricket is the most popular sport. The game’s history is long, and it has undergone many fundamental changes over the years. There is plenty of data to read about the game and gauge it better. It would help if you kept yourself updated with all the latest developments in Cricket before you hop into betting. The nature of Cricket provides a lot of scope to the bookies to curate different betting markets depending on the format and the tournament. However, a few betting markets remain constant in all formats and tournaments, like match-winner, the man of the match, and century scorer.

Study the Teams’ past Performance

The bookies have a dedicated team to develop the odds by considering several factors, the most important one being past performances. So you must study the players’ past performances and the teams carefully. It would be best to determine what worked for the winning team by referring to the post-match analysis offered by different magazines and sports portals. If you study the past performances well, you have a better chance of guessing which market might work in favour of which team.

Analyze the Strengths and Weaknesses of both Teams

In the game of Cricket, each team has its unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, one team may have a solid batting order, but their fielding is sloppy, while the other team may have an attacking bowling line-up but average batsmen. If you can figure out the strengths and weaknesses of both the playing teams, you stand a better chance at placing the correct bets and winning real money. Sports portals and newspaper columns regularly publish reports covering the strengths and weak points. Also, watching Cricket will help you decipher the team’s strong and weak points.

Stay updated with Team News

Always read the latest team report before you place your bets. It provides you with information like the playing 11, team formation, team changes etc. It will help you prepare the bet list well ahead of the game and prevent hasty decisions. You also get a glimpse of the team plan by looking at the team report.

Look into Pitch Report

The pitch condition is one of the most significant factors that come into play in deciding the match’s outcome. The cricket experts also give their views on the pitch and how it will affect the gameplay before the match begins. Always take note of what experts say about the pitch and use it to your advantage while placing the bets.

Look at the Weather Report

Weather plays an essential role in the outcome of a match as dew comes into play at night. It becomes difficult for the bowlers as the ball loses its group. Therefore, it is essential to know the weather report, especially in test matches, because each team’s game plan is influenced.

Place Bets on both Teams

Never let your emotions overpower your decisions while placing the bets. Instead, be flexible in your approach and try to bet on players from both teams because the best batsman or bowler of that match may not be from the winning team—your chances of winning a bet increase tenfold when you bet on both teams.

Compare Odds before placing Bet

You must open multiple accounts across different betting websites because the market odds are different on every website. Just one website can’t provide the best odds for every market. So comparing these odds before placing your bets give you a fair idea about what the different websites have to offer. 

 There is no doubt that online betting can be fun, but it has its fair share of risk involved. Betting hangs on uncertainties because you should be aware of the risks involved in online betting. Betting addiction, thinking success in betting to being successful in life, financial instability are some of the risks involved. So always know your limits and bet according to your financial capabilities. 

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