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Everything you need to know about Pro Kabaddi League Season 9

Exciting news for all Kabaddi fans around the globe, especially Indians who keenly wait for the mega event, Pro Kabaddi League Season 9 (first half) schedule is out. The news has created a buzz of excitement and anticipation, as India’s favourite sporting icons will be seen taking on each other with their supreme skills.

The tournament is set to kickstart on October 7, 2022, with the defending champions Dabang Delhi taking on the U Mumba at Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru. The first leg will take place over a period of 33 days, ending with a last match on November 8, 2022.

Time Table and Venue for the First Half of Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Oct 7, 2022Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U MumbaBengaluru
Oct 7, 2022Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu TitansBengaluru
Oct 7, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers vs UP YoddhasBengaluru
Oct 8, 2022Patna Pirates vs Puneri PaltanBengaluru
Oct 8, 2022Gujarat Giants vs Tamil ThalaivasBengaluru
Oct 8, 2022Bengal Warriors vs Haryana SteelersBengaluru
Oct 9, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Patna PiratesBengaluru
Oct 9, 2022Telugu Titans vs Bengal WarriorsBengaluru
Oct 9, 2022Puneri Paltan vs Bengaluru BullsBengaluru
Oct 10, 2022U Mumba vs UP YoddhasBengaluru
Oct 10, 2022Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Gujarat GiantsBengaluru
Oct 11, 2022Haryana Steelers vs Tamil ThalaivasBengaluru
Oct 11, 2022Patna Pirates vs Telugu TitansBengaluru
Oct 12, 2022Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal WarriorsBengaluru
Oct 12, 2022UP Yoddhas vs Dabang Delhi K.C.Bengaluru
Oct 14, 2022Tamil Thalaivas vs U MumbaBengaluru
Oct 14, 2022Haryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink PanthersBengaluru
Oct 14, 2022Gujarat Giants vs Puneri PaltanBengaluru
Oct 15, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujarat GiantsBengaluru
Oct 15, 2022Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C.Bengaluru
Oct 15, 2022Bengal Warriors vs Patna PiratesBengaluru
Oct 16, 2022Puneri Paltan vs U MumbaBengaluru
Oct 16, 2022UP Yoddhas vs Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru
Oct 17, 2022Tamil Thalaivas vs Patna PiratesBengaluru
Oct 17, 2022Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Haryana SteelersBengaluru
Oct 18, 2022Bengal Warriors vs Jaipur Pink PanthersBengaluru
Oct 18, 2022Telugu Titans vs Puneri PaltanBengaluru
Oct 19, 2022Gujarat Giants vs UP YoddhasBengaluru
Oct 19, 2022Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil ThalaivasBengaluru
Oct 21, 2022U Mumba vs Haryana SteelersBengaluru
Oct 21, 2022Puneri Paltan vs Bengal WarriorsBengaluru
Oct 21, 2022Patna Pirates vs Dabang Delhi K.C.Bengaluru
Oct 22, 2022U Mumba vs Bengaluru BullsBengaluru
Oct 22, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu TitansBengaluru
Oct 22, 2022Haryana Steelers vs Gujarat GiantsBengaluru
Oct 23, 2022Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna PiratesBengaluru
Oct 23, 2022UP Yoddhas vs Tamil ThalaivasBengaluru
Oct 25, 2022Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink PanthersBengaluru
Oct 25, 2022Telugu Titans vs Haryana SteelersBengaluru
Oct 26, 2022Gujarat Giants vs U MumbaBengaluru
Oct 26, 2022Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengal WarriorsBengaluru
Oct 28, 2022Tamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink PanthersPune
Oct 28, 2022Haryana Steelers vs Puneri PaltanPune
Oct 28, 2022Patna Pirates vs UP YoddhasPune
Oct 29, 2022Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi K.C.Pune
Oct 29, 2022Telugu Titans vs Gujarat GiantsPune
Oct 29, 2022Bengal Warriors vs U MumbaPune
Oct 30, 2022Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru BullsPune
Oct 30, 2022Tamil Thalaivas vs Dabang Delhi K.C.Pune
Oct 31, 2022Gujarat Giants vs Patna PiratesPune
Oct 31, 2022UP Yoddhas vs Telugu TitansPune
Nov 1, 2022Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi K.C.Pune
Nov 1, 2022Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru BullsPune
Novr 2, 2022U Mumba vs Telugu TitansPune
Nov 2, 2022Bengal Warriors vs Tamil ThalaivasPune
Nov 4, 2022Patna Pirates vs U MumbaPune
Nov 4, 2022Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Jaipur Pink PanthersPune
Nov 4, 2022UP Yoddhas vs Puneri PaltanPune
Nov 5, 2022Gujarat Giants vs Bengal WarriorsPune
Nov 5, 2022Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu TitansPune
Nov 5, 2022Haryana Steelers vs UP YoddhasPune
Nov 6, 2022Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat GiantsPune
Nov 6, 2022Puneri Paltan vs Tamil ThalaivasPune
Nov 7, 2022U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink PanthersPune
Nov 7, 2022Patna Pirates vs Haryana SteelersPune
Nov 8, 2022Bengal Warriors vs UP YoddhasPune
Nov 8, 2022TBC A vs TBC BPune
Vivo Pro Kabaddi League season 9

Who will win the title remains to be seen, but Dabang Delhi can well defend their title. Other strong contenders will be Patna Pirates, Jaipur Pink Panthers, and Bengaluru Bulls.

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  1. When will the season 9 of Pro Kabaddi League start?

The season 9 of Pro Kabaddi League will kickstart from October 7, 2022, where defending champions Delhi will take on Mumbai.

  1. Where can I place my bets during Pro Kabaddi League Season 9?

You can place your bets on trusted online sports betting platforms such as Uwin.

  1. Where can I watch all the live games of Pro Kabaddi League Season 9?

You can catch all the live action on Disney+ Hotstar and Star Sports Network. Also, on Uwin Sports 

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