Official Jerseys of ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Teams

Official Jerseys of ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Teams

With the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024, the dazzling jerseys of the teams are talk of the town. Each jersey displays their culture, heritage, and aspirations of its team uniquely. The USA, has a bold design with stars and stripes to represent pride in their country. In addition, they are also co-hosting the competition. Moreover, the dazzling jerseys of the Caribbean teams to showcase their rich heritage capture the vibrant energy of the area.

India’s uniform pays homage to its cricketing heritage. It has their detailing along with its signature blue colour. Besides, Australia’s distinctive green and gold shirt shines out. It captures the team’s spirit of perseverance. Interestingly, England’s traditional red uniform is given a contemporary makeover. It signifies their fusion of creativity and heritage.

While Pakistan’s green jersey honours their love of cricket, South Africa’s green and yellow incorporates traditional African art. Every dazzling jerseys add to the colourful World Cup history. It sets the stage for competition.


Top Dazzling Jerseys in 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

Group A


India’s dazzling jersey for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 is a brilliant shade of blue and orange. It pays homage to the first-ever T20 World Cup winners. The vibrant orange highlights the primary blue. It displays India’s cricketing heritage and adds a contemporary touch. The team’s journey from previous jourhey is highlighted here. The design is a combination of historic and contemporary design elements. This dazzling jerseys honor India’s rich history in Twenty20 cricket. It also establishes a daring tone for their future campaign.


With its striking green hues, Pakistan’s “matrix jersey” for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 stands out. It signifies the country’s cricketing legacy. Furthermore, it captures the team’s vigour and spirit. The dazzling jersey’s sleek lines and geometric motifs give it a contemporary look. Pakistan’s aspirations in the cricket field are reflected in the colour green. It is a representation of growth and wealth. This unique uniform symbolizes the team’s individuality. The design talks about their passion for tournament victory. 


The Ireland cricket team has revealed their new jersey for the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. It proudly features the logo of Karnataka’s dairy brand, Nandini. The Nandini logo displays a cow with a rising sun in the background. It is placed on the jersey’s lead arm displaying a commitment to quality and purity. This sponsorship marks Nandini’s increasing global visibility, following its association with the Scotland cricket team. The jersey is a striking blend of traditional green with bold, modern design elements that capture the spirit of Irish cricket. The vibrant green base has subtle patterns. This offers a sleek and dynamic look. The addition of the Nandini logo brings a unique and colourful touch to the jersey. 


The iconic Maple Leaf on a red background is part of Canada’s 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup jersey. It symbolizes pride and solidarity in the country. One of Canada’s most recognizable symbols, the maple leaf represents diversity. It is a sign of tenacity and strength.. Subtle red and white details combine with the Maple Leaf to give the shirt depth and contrast. This makes the design visually appealing. This shirt honours the nation’s rich cultural legacy. It represents the unshakable dedication to greatness.


The USA teams dazzling jerseys is a dark blue uniform. It signifies their expanding influence in international cricket. The team’s will leave its imprint on the international cricket scene is reflected in the deep blue colour. It stands for stability, strength, and confidence. The jersey’s timeless style displays sophistication and professionalism. The USA Cricket logo is included to display the team’s identity. It is a sign of dedication to supporting their country. The jersey also represents their status as hosts.

Group B


England’s jersey presents a fresh and vibrant look. This new kit marks a significant design shift from the one they sported while winning the 2022 tournament in Australia. The previous design’s black outlines of the three lions have been now replaced with a more radiant shade of red. This gives the jersey a lively feel. The 2024 edition features a reduction in blue and a subtle pinstripe pattern. Notably, the two stars above the three lions on the ECB logo symbolize England’s two T20 World Cup victories – in 2010 and 2022. This jersey reflects England’s proud cricketing heritage while embracing a bold new aesthetic for the upcoming tournament in the USA and West Indies.


The dazzling jerseys of Namibia has a dark blue design of their shirt for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024. It also has a dash of red. The deep blue hue represents professionalism and self-assurance. This reflects Namibia’s dedication to sporting greatness. The team’s passion and resolve to compete against the finest in the world are reflected in the jersey. In addition to symbolizing Namibia’s objectives, this jersey’s sleek design adds to the appeal. It honours the team’s identity and unity as they try to leave their mark on the competition.


The Austrailian team’s jersey has a traditional green stripe with gold accents. The colour and design pays homage to its rich cricketing history. The team’s enduring perseverance and resolve on the cricket field is a sign of the green colour. It shows Australia’scompetitive spirit. Gold accents give an air of refinement and dignity. This highlights Australia’s aspirations for in international cricket. This jersey pays tribute to Australia’s cricketing heritage. It also instills confidence and pride in players and spectators alike. Besides, the elegant design skillfully combines tradition and modernity.


The Scotland T20 World Cup 2024 teams uniform features bold pink and navy blue hues. It gives the team a sleek and contemporary appearance. The vivid pink hue is symbolic of vigour and unity. It mirrors Scotland’s amazing cricketing culture. The elegant navy blue colour complements the jersey. Interestingly, it gives off an air of professionalism and self-assurance when worn on the field. The modern touches in the elegant design highlight Scotland’s dedication to the game. This jersey draws attention with its striking colour scheme and fashionable design. Besides, it also represents Scotland’s will to fight hard and make an impact on the competition.


The Oman squad members have a new appearance in their new kit for the T20 World Cup 2024. The jersey is designed in the vibrant colours of red and green. It mirrors Oman’s national flag. This makes it both patriotic and visually impactful. The text on the jersey is in white. It provides a sharp contrast that ensures readability and enhances the overall design. The red base of the jersey shows the national pride and spirit of Oman. Besides, the green accents add a refreshing touch. The overall design is bold and eye-catching. It reflects Oman’s identity and aspirations in the international cricket arena. 

Group C

New Zealand

The Black Caps’ 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup uniform combines nostalgia with modern design. The dazzling jersey’s principal feature is back to represent New Zealand cricket. The black shade continues to stand for the team’s strength. Sleek lines and striking embellishments are current design elements gives the jersey a sophisticated look. The addition of nostalgic motifs from the 1999 World Cup pays homage to New Zealand’s cricketing heritage. This shirt has its unique blend of heritage and modernity. It displays the Black Caps’ pursuit of victory. At the same time, it also honours their journey as they compete in the tournament.


Uganda unveiled their ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 uniform first. It has a primarily yellow design with feathery patterns. This is derived from the imposing crested crane. The elaborate feathery patterns honour Uganda’s rich biodiversity and cultural legacy. On the other hand, the vivid yellow colour shows the nation’s optimism, energy, and warmth. The crested crane is Uganda’s national bird. It represents grace and resiliency. Moreover, it gives the jersey a sense of pride and individuality. As Uganda plays in the competition, this jersey reflects the nation’s spirit and natural beauty in addition to representing the cricket team. It has a unique design overall.


Afghanistan’s blue uniform for the T20 World Cup 2024 represents harmony between their tribes. It honours the stunning Lapis Lazuli area. The nation’s perseverance is reflected in the deep blue hue. The colour stands for harmony, peace, and togetherness. The elaborate patterns and motifs into the jersey design is derived from Afghan culture. It gives the entire ensemble depth and complexity. The jersey gains a sense of authenticity and pride from the use of small features like the national insignia or symbols of the Lapis Lazuli region. This jersey not only shows Afghanistan’s cricket team but also the nation as a whole. 

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West Indies

The West Indies revealed their playing kit during their warm-up match against Australia on May 30. True to tradition, the kit prominently features the iconic maroon and yellow colours. These are synonymous with the Windies’ vibrant cricketing heritage. The jersey showcases a dynamic explosion or paint splatter design that artfully blends the maroon and yellow hues across the players’ midsection. This creates a visually striking and energetic appearance. Moreover, the bold design captures the lively spirit of the Caribbean. It also adds a modern and fashionable twist to the classic colour scheme. The maroon serves as the dominant colour, while the yellow accents bring a burst of brightness and vitality to the overall look. The combination of these elements is eye-catching!

Papua New Guinea

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup uniform for Papua New Guinea will continue to have a black trim and a primarily red foundation. They are carrying over their iconic 2021 design. The black trim gives contrast and sophistication to the overall design. Furthermore, the strong red hue expresses the nation’s enthusiasm, energy, and spirit. The jersey’s sleek, contemporary design represents Papua New Guinea’s dedication to quality. This uniform is recognizable yet with an eye-catching design.

Group D


Bangladesh will represent their country’s vivid colours with their signature green shirts with red embellishments. As a symbol of development, the predominantly green colour shows Bangladesh’s lush landscapes and agricultural heritage. In keeping with the grit of the Bangladesh cricket squad, the jersey gains energy. It displays emotion from the inclusion of crimson accents. This shirt inspires confidence and solidarity among fans and players alike. At the same time, it also highlights the pride and identity of Bangladesh.


The 1996 Men’s Cricket World Cup served as the model for the Netherlands’ retro-yet-modern 2024 uniform. The jersey most likely has a recognizable orange hue. It is associated with Dutch sports teams. The colour displays the pride and identity of the country. The jersey gives off an air of energy and self-assurance when worn on the field. In addition to commemorating the Netherlands’ cricketing heritage, this uniform pays respect to the 1996 World Cup. It gives all a renewed sense of resolve as they compete in the competition.

South Africa

The T20 World Cup 2024 uniform for South Africa is a green and yellow. It shows the country’s pride in its cricket heritage and national colours. The deep green represents South Africa’s natural beauty. On the other hand, the vivid yellow represents the nation’s upbeat attitude. In addition to honouring the rich history, the combination represents the team’s strength. This jersey does have an eye-catching and colourful design. Besides, it is also a source of motivation and hope as they aim to win the competition.


In keeping with their classic style, Nepal’s dazzling jerseys shirt has a similar appearance to years past. But this time, they have yellow text and accents. The kit most likely stays in the well-known blue and red colour scheme. This iis a reflection of the Nepali flag’s colours. The shirt is made more vibrant and fresh by the addition of yellow highlights. The design stands for hope and vigour. This uniform has its timeless style and understated changes. It highlights the cricket team of Nepal. Moreover, it displays the country’s rich cultural legacy and steadfast love of the game. The Nepali team will proudly don their colours as they hit the field.

Sri Lanka

The dazzling jerseys 2024 for Sri Lanka has elaborate artwork. It symbolizes the island’s rich cultural diversity and scenic splendour. The jersey has aspects of the legendary lion. This stands for bravery and strength. Aslo, the designs influenced by Sri Lanka’s natural environment, wildlife, and ocean. The harmonic arrangement of these components symbolizes the Sri Lankan people. This shirt fluants Sri Lanka’s character and spirit as they play on the international scene.

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With a record 20 countries competing for cricket glory, the T20 World Cup 2024 looks to be a dazzling event. The competition will highlight the variety and competitiveness of T20 cricket on a worldwide level. It is set to display the growth of teams and the infusion of fresh talent. Cricket fans can anticipate exciting matches as the group stage progresses ahead. As the action builds and the race to determine the 2024 T20 World Cup champions gets underway, stay tuned.


What World Cup 2024 jersey is India wearing?

India will don a unique blue and orange shirt in 2024’s ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in honour of their title as the first-ever T20 World Cup winner, 

Which players will represent Namibia in the 2024 T20 World Cup?

This is the Nambia squad: Gerhard Erasmus (c), PD Blignaut, Zane Green, Michael Van Lingen, Dylan Leicher, Niko Davin, Ruben Trumpelmann, Bernard Scholtz, Jack Brassell, Ben Shikongo, JP Kotze, Tangeni Lungameni, JJ Smit, Jan Frylinck, David Wiese, B, Malan Kruger, 

How many teams are participating in the T20 World Cup 2024?

20 teams are competing in the T20 World Cup 2024—four more than in the previous tournament. These 20 teams have been divided into four groups, each with five teams.

What is the number of World Cup victories India has?

India has two ICC Cricket World Cup victories under its belt. They won their first championship in 1983 with Kapil Dev leading them. Their second championship in 2011 with Mahendra Singh Dhoni leading them.

Who took home the inaugural World Cup trophy?

In 1975, the West Indies cricket team won the first-ever ICC Cricket World Cup. The West Indies won the championship by defeating Australia in the championship match under the direction of Clive Lloyd.

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