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Live Casinos vs Land Casinos! Which one to go for?

Casino games have always intrigued online gamers, as they offer a high level of entertainment. The experience of playing such games is thrilling, irrespective of whether you play online or offline. People who love sports betting also enter the world of casinos, while most of them enjoy live casino games.

There are two ways in which you can fulfill your love for casino games; one is by playing online on the best casino sites and the other is by playing in land casinos. Both offer unique playing experience, and as a fan of casino games, you should probably try your hands at both.

But before you try, you should know what is the difference between online casino platforms and land casinos, as knowing key differences will help you make an informed decision about the platform.


Live Casinos are Virtual

Live casinos are virtual and land-based casinos are played at a physical location. While this difference is obvious, what it means is that, the way you experience casino games differ. For example, if you are playing slots in a land-based casino, you have to pull the lever and then you see the reels turn. When you play the slots online, you simply tap the lever or a button and wait for the results. Clearly, this is not a live experience but just a simulation. While some people like to experience casinos physically, there are many who would stay back and play casino games online.

Land Casinos have Exciting Atmospheres

What gives land casinos an edge over the online casinos is the atmosphere that they are able to create. While many online casinos have live games that try to create the same atmosphere, the fact is, virtual games are not the real substitute for land casino games.

A live casino is full of people, moving with same energy and focused on one common goal, winning. The exciting world of sounds, lights, sights, and smells gives players an experience of a lifetime. You can win games while playing online casino games too, but what about the experience?

Online Casinos are Convenient 

There is no doubt that land-based casinos offer a great experience, but then you have to travel and be physically present there to experience all of it. Depending on how far you are from the location, it may take an hour or so to reach the destination, adding to your cost.

With online casinos, you do not even need to leave your living room. All you need is a good internet-enabled device and then you can start playing casino online games of your choice, and that too from the comfort of your home.

The other advantage of online casinos is that they are available round the clock, so you can play from wherever and whenever you want. Land-based casinos have fixed operating hours, and the timings might not suit your gaming needs. All said the convenience offered by online casinos is hard to beat.

Land Casinos are better for Socialising

Online casinos do their level best to create a social environment, but replicating that of land casinos is just not possible. You can have live games and chat boxes, but can’t beat the excitement of meaningful face-to-face interaction.

You will surely meet new people through online casinos as well; the point is that the interactions might not be as impactful as the ones you have face-to-face.

Online Casinos have better Promotions and Bonuses

Land-based casinos do offer exciting rewards, valuable gifts, and perks, but not as same as online casinos. The introduction of online casinos has taken competition to a whole new level, and competing at that level is very hard for any land-based casino.

You can check bonuses and promotions of any online casino as compared to rewards of land casinos; the chances are you will find a huge difference in what online casinos and land casinos have to offer.

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Land Casinos have other forms of Entertainment

While offering the best experience comes naturally with land-based casinos, there are other sources of entertainment as well in many land casinos. There are restaurants and bars present at many casino venues as well, so you can take a break from the game and share some light moments with friends. Some casinos also boast of high-end restaurants that will make your travel all worth it.

There are shows and concerts that can enhance your casino experience, most people would stay near the casino location just to have such a wonderful experience. People get many forms of entertainment under one roof, and that is what separates land-based casinos from online casinos.

Online Casinos offer a Rich Game Variety

While land casinos have a diverse form of offering entertainment, online casinos are rich in the game variety that they have to offer. Online casinos have hundreds to thousands of games that a player can choose from.

Land casinos have limited space, which means they can offer only a limited number of tables and slots. In online casinos, there is no limitation of space, the reason why many players can join and have a great time simultaneously.

Land Casinos are more Expensive

Players returning to online casinos are more as compared to the ones playing land casino games. The reason behind this is the cost incurred for traveling and dining while going to a land casino. If you plan to watch a concert or a show at a land casino, then the cost would go even higher.

Online Casinos can be Safe and Private

If you are playing on a reputed and licensed live casino site, it will be much safer than playing at a land casino. Plus, when you play online, it is a more private environment. Popular online casinos also ensure that your personal details are protected and the payment information is encrypted.

All said, there are a few differences between online casinos and land-based casinos. You can’t say that one form is better than the other, but both offer something unique. It all depends which one suits your gaming needs the most. If you are considering playing online casino games, you can visit popular online casino platforms such as Uwin. Uwin bonuses and Uwin promotions are best in the industry, all you need to do is download the Uwin app and start playing online casino games.


  1. Where do I play casino games?

You can choose reputed live casino apps such as Uwin to play casino games.

  1. Which one should I go for – live casinos or land casinos?

There is no mode that is better than the other. It will depend on your gaming preferences and the way you want to experience casinos.

  1. Where can I win handsome rewards from playing casino games?

Online casinos offer handsome rewards and bonuses on winning, especially the reputed ones such as Uwin sports.

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