Teen Patti Variations

5 Killer Teen Patti Variations by Uwin Sports

Teen Patti is an Indian card game similar to the English card game, which goes by the name “three-card brag”. It is played using a single deck of playing cards and is also one of the highest-grossing games in Indian online casinos.

There are different variations of the Teen Patti game, which you can try out with your friends the next time you play the game. If you are a hardcore Teen Patti lover, then you should try out these fun twists in your favourite game. These variations will take the game to the next level and make it more interesting for you.

Before getting into the variations, let’s take a look at the rules, sequences and gameplay of Teen Patti first so that you can understand it better.

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Rules of Teen Patti

There isn’t a long list of rules that you will have to remember to play and win Teen Patti. Instead, there are just two primary rules in Teen Patti that you must keep in mind.

  • To start the game of Teen Patti, each player must place their first bet. Once the bets are in place, the dealer distributes three cards to each player. The dealer must deal one card at a time.
  • As a player, your main aim should be to win the entire pot by either having the highest hand at the end of the round or not folding their hand.

Teen Patti Sequences

The hands in Teen Patti are ranked from the highest cards to the lower cards, and you can the following sequences using them:

  • Trio: It is the highest sequence you can make with three cards of similar rank. Three Aces make the highest trio, and three 2s make the lowest.
  • Straight Flush: You need three cards from the same suit making a sequence to have a straight flush. Ace, two, three in the same suit makes the best cards, and four, three, two in the same suit is the least cards.
  • Straight: To make a straight, you need three cards in sequence but not necessarily from the same suit. Ace, two, three from any suits makes the best cards, and four, three, two from any suits is the least cards.
  • Flush: You can flush if you have three cards from the same suit. In case of a tie, the ranks of the cards will be compared. For example, ace, King, and Jack are the highest while five, three, and two are the lowest.
  • Pair: You can make pairs of cards from the same rank. E.g. two Kings from different suits. If there is a tie between the players with a pair, the player with a higher ranking card wins. The highest pair is made using two Aces, and the lowest is two 2s.
  • High Card: This is applicable only when you haven’t made any previous bets. If there are multiple high cards in your hand, then you win.

How to play Teen Patti?

  • You have the option of playing either blind or seen. If you choose to see your cards, you can only look at three of them. And if you are choosing blind, you will have to place your cards facing downwards.
  • The Teen Patti game is placed counterclockwise, so the player sitting on the left of the dealer starts the game by placing the first bet. They are the ones who will have to unfold first, too.
  • You will have to bet either at the current stake or can make it double if you want to stay in the game.
  • If you think you are not ready to bet for any particular round, you can fold.
  • The betting must go on until at least two players are at the table.  
  • If all the players fold, but you don’t, you win that particular pot
  • If any player raises the stakes of the bet, all the other players are bound to follow. If you are playing blind, you will have to bet half the amount of the raised stakes.
  • You can ask for a show by placing a bet and raising the stakes.

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Top 5 Variations of the Teen Patti game 

The Teen Patti game has different variations with a few twists and turns, which are fun and interesting to play. Mentioned below are the top 5 variations of the Teen Patti game:

Card, Color, Bust

 This is one of the most exciting variations of the Teen Patti game. In this variation, the dealer distributes three cards, like always, and then draws three other cards with their face-up on the table. The first is the card, the second is the colour, and the third is the bust. 

 This is where it gets interesting because the number of the first card is considered Joker for all, and the second card’s colour is considered Joker for all. So anybody who has a card of the same number as the third card will have to pack their hand instantly.

 Discard One

 In this Teen Patti variation, the dealer gives four cards instead of three to all the players. Now the players can look at all the cards and choose the best three cards according to their choice. Once they have selected their three cards, they will have to discard the fourth one.


 This one is a popular variant of Teen Patti, probably because of the catchy name. The dealer deals with three cards each to all the players. The twist in this variation is that numbers seven and four and the aces and kings are all Jokers.

 Closet to 555

In this variation of Teen Patti, each player is given three cards, and they have the make the trio number as close to 555 using those three cards. The closet number can either be higher or lower. The trio numbers the players make using their cards are divided by 555. The player whose hand has the lowest difference wins the game.

Alternating Sequence

 The dealer gives the players three cards each, and the rest of the deck is placed upside down. The players in this variation aim to make an alternate sequence of any suit. The players can discard one card and pick one from the deck and try to make the alternate sequence. They can keep discarding and picking up cards until they make an alternate sequence. The player who can do this in the least discards and pick up and finishes first wins the game.

All the variations mentioned above of the Teen Patti game are fun and super interesting. If you think yourself to be a Teen Patti champion, you should check these variations and challenge yourself. One thing that you should never forget while enjoying any variation of Teen Patti is to choose the stakes according to your financial limits. Always play wisely.

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