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Enjoy Uwin’s Latest Promotion – Team Up with Friends Bonus

Uwin, India’s top-rated online casino app, has added a new bonus – “Team Up with Friends” to its promotion. If you are an avid online casino player, person who loves sports betting, card games, or slot games, then you must try your hands on Uwin casino app.

Uwin with its new promotion, team up bonus, encourages users to get their friends on the platform, so that you have a fun time together while also earning exciting rewards.

Team Up with Friends, latest casino bonus, in detail:

There is no better feeling than getting your friends to play online games with you; to serve this purpose, Uwin has introduced a new promotion called Team up with friends. The bonus is divided into two activities, let us have a look at both the activities in detail:

Activity 1: Invite Friends with Courtesy

The first activity in team up with friends bonus includes users sending promotional links or QR codes to their friends. Once the invited friend deposits a minimum of ₹100 on the same day, the bonus amount of ₹100 will be credited in the inviter’s account the very next day.

For every invite where the invite makes a minimum first deposit of ₹100, the inviter gets ₹100 bonus. For example, if user A invites 2 people and both of them do a minimum of ₹100 first time deposit, user A will receive 2*100 = ₹200 bonus.  

Activity 2: Team Welfare

During the event, the members who successfully receive Activity 1 will be regarded as a successful team. According to the invited members completing the following designated game tasks, the invitees can enjoy the bonuses of the following corresponding gears. The more invitations, the more bonuses they will receive.

Game TaskTotal deposit ofthe invitee onthe day is >3000Valid Bets madeon the day >30000
Invitees                  ₹500₹700
Inviter                ₹500₹700

Note: Activity 2 will be distributed according to the highest bonus.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. No application is required for this activity, and members who successfully participate in [Activity 1] will participate in this activity by default. [Activity 1] bonuses will be distributed to the central wallet within 48hrs of the next day. [Activity 2] bonuses will be distributed to the central wallet within 48 hours of the next day. This activity only needs to be withdrawn with 1 time turnover.
  2.  The inviter and the invitee are forbidden to register IP and each player and IP address can only be recommended once. The downline developed by the cooperative agent is not applicable to this offer.
  3.  The game account with the same mobile phone number, name, email address, bank and other information can only participate once. If there are violators. they will not be entitled to the bonus.
  4.  If any user or group arbitrarily collects the bonus in an abnormal way, the platform reserves the right to freeze or close the relevant account without notice and the payment will not be refunded, and the user will be blacklisted.
  5.  In order to avoid differences in text understanding UWIN/N8 reserves the right to final interpretation of this event.

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Other Casino bonuses on Uwin

Apart from team up with friends bonus, Uwin app has 8 other amazing uwin bonuses that you must check out.

Instant Surprise Bonus

Instant surprise bonus offers 8% bonus on your deposit made by USDT. Once the deposit is made with Tether cryptocurrency, the bonus is instantly added to your account.

Monthly Deposit Free Rewards

Monthly deposit free rewards come in 2 options, mobile top-up voucher and Amazon gift card. This reward depends on your monthly deposits, minimum being ₹100. The reward value ranges from 50 to 5,00,000, depending on the total monthly deposit made.   

Lucky Draw Surprise Bonus

Uwin is celebrating 10 years of excellence by providing 1000+ games on one platform. To mark the special occasion of the 10th anniversary, Uwin sports app has come up with a special surprise bonus. To know more about this bonus, do visit the Uwin promotion page.

First Deposit Bonus

First deposit bonus is applicable on a minimum deposit of ₹500. The bonus structure is as follows:

Deposit Amount Bonus Bet Amount Withdrawal Limit
500+200040000Deposit Amount *5

Everyday Bonus

Everyday bonus is up to 40%, depending on the day and minimum deposit made. The bonus structure is as follows:

Day Bonus % Rolled Over Minimum Deposit Maximum Bonus
Monday 10% 2 500+   77777
Tuesday 15% 3 1000+   77777
Wednesday 20% 4 2000+   77777
Thursday 25% 5 3000+   77777
Friday 30% 6 4000+  37777
Saturday 35% 7 5000+  37777
Sunday 40% 8 6000+  37777

Bonus on each Deposit

Uwin live casino app rewards its new and returning players with an additional bonus, where the minimum deposit is ₹500. This bonus’s structure is as follows: 

Deposit Amount Bonus Amount Betting Turnover
    500+ 30% 20
    500+ 20% 12
    500+ 10% 10
    500+ 5% 5

Additional Bonus on Higher Deposit

Additional bonus requires users to make higher deposits daily, minimum being 10,000. The structure of additional bonus on higher deposit is as follows:

Daily Deposit Amount Bonus on the day Betting Turnover
10,000+ 177 3X
30,000+ 377 3X
50,000+ 577 3X
1,00,000+ 1777 3X

Win Bigger get Bigger Bonus

Winning big can give you bigger bonuses. The structure of Win Bigger get Bigger Bonus is as follows:

Profit Amount of the Day Bonus Rolled Over
2000 79     1X
5000 179     1X
10000 379     1X
100000 3799 1X
1000000 37999 1X
10000000 379999 1X
100000000 3799999 1X
1000000000 37999999 1X

Uwin has best casino bonuses, be it casino welcome bonus, free casino bonus, or best deposit bonus; Uwin has got you covered. Download Uwin app to enjoy Team Up with Friends bonus and other exciting online casino bonuses.

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