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How to Play Matka Game?

The game of Matka is a lottery-style betting game where you will have to guess two random numbers between 0 to 9. There are different types of bets in the Matka game where you can win up to 999x of your stake, provided you guess the sequence of numbers correctly. There are also different card versions of the Matka game, played by Indian casino players. 

History of the Matka game

The game of Matka had its origins when bets were placed on the opening and closing numbers of cotton rats, which were sent from the New York Cotton exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. 

Although this practice was deemed illegal in 1961, the practice of betting continued as people proposed an idea to place their bets on randomly-generated numbers rather than the opening and closing numbers. 

It was Ratan Khatri from Pakistan who proposed the idea of writing the numbers on a piece of paper and drawing it from a Matka. This form of betting was popularly called Matka betting and became extremely popular when textile mills flourished in Bombay. As the mill workers began trying their luck on Matka betting, many bookies opened their shops in and around the mill areas. 

The 1980s and 1990s saw the rise and fall of the Matka betting system. Before being cracked down by the police, the bet volumes of these Matka games reached 500 crores per month. However, the crackdown by the police in the Matka den’s forced the bookies to go underground. 

The word Matka has survived, although the numbers are counted have changed over the years. Now, you can enjoy the Matka game online on different online websites regularly. You don’t have to find the bookies as you can easily place your bets on the Matka game through the online betting sites

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How to play Matka game?

To start the Matka game, you will have to choose your first set of three numbers which has to be between 0 to 9. E.g. 3,6,8. Once you choose the numbers, they will be added: 3+6+8= 17. After that, the first digit of the result will be dropped, leaving just ‘7’. So your final selection of the first set will be like 3,6,8×7. 

Now it’s time for you to pick up the second set of numbers the same way as the first. E.g., 2,4,7. When you add all three numbers, you get 2+4+7= 13. And on dropping the first digit, you get just 3. So the final selection of the second set of numbers will be 2,4,7×3. 

You will have to choose the bet you want to place once the full selection is confirmed. In this case, your full number will be 3,6,8x7x2,4,7×3. There are different bet options for you in the Matka game, depending on the choice of your numbers. 

Once your bets are placed, the winning numbers will be drawn randomly, and if it matches your number, you will receive your payouts immediately. 


What is the Matka game?

The Matka game is an Indian-style lottery game where you will have to guess two random numbers between 0 to 9. If the number drawn from the Matka matches the number selected by you, you win the Matka game. 

Can I play the Matka game online?

Yes, now that there are different online casino websites, you can play the Matka game online. However, not all online websites feature the Matka game, so you might have to look for it on a few online casino websites. 

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