Most Favourable Cricketing Tournaments for Betting

Cricket is not just a sport but something much more than that for many people. It has to be one of the most popular sports enjoyed by billions of people. The fan following of this sport is almost unparalleled. 

Cricket also attracts dozens of bettors to place their bets on this beautiful game and adds more thrill to it. Of course, all the major cricket tournaments are heaven for bettors who play their level best to win off the field. But there are some tournaments where the cricket betting industry goes to the next level because they are so popular. 

Mentioned below are the top cricket tournaments attracting thousands of bettors worldwide:


Domestic Tournaments


The Indian Premier League is the ultimate arena for all cricket lovers to place their bets on their favourite teams. Fans not just from India but across the world eagerly wait for the IPL to start every year so that they can win big by wagering money. This twenty over tournament features some of the star players from different countries. As a result, the cricket betting market reaches its peak during the IPL every year. All the major betting websites like Uwin Sports are also opening up their market for this tournament.

Big Bash League

There is a separate fan base for the Big Bash League, like Australia’s IPL. The grandeur and razzmatazz of the tournament keep fans glued to their television sets and attract bettors worldwide. There are both men and women versions of this tournament, and both of them manage to provide ample betting opportunities to bettors worldwide. 

Pakistan League

It is comparatively a new tournament but looks very promising as star players from different teams will play against each other in this tournament. It will feature some of the biggest names in the cricketing world, which is enough to get the attention of bettors worldwide. 

Abu Dhabi T10

All the matches in this tournament are for a total of 20 overs. This means that each side bats only ten overs which is super exciting. It is a fast-paced tournament with a lot of short matches, bringing in quick and easy money to all the bettors. It is a unique tournament as it is the only 10-over cricket tournament that the ICC officially sanctions. 

The English County

As the English invented the game of Cricket, they always seemed to define the game. The English County is a tournament played between the local teams of England and has pretty long schedules. This attracts many bettors from all over the world to place their bets on both the stages, the group stage and the division stage. This can be the right pick if you are interested in having engaging sessions at cricket betting exchanges. 

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International Tournaments

Almost all the major tournaments played between two countries or more attract a lot of bettors. However, few tournaments are extremely popular among all cricket betting enthusiasts. So, let’s take a look at the major international tournaments that take bettors’ excitement to the next level. 

The World Cup

The ICC World Cup is rightly considered as the Clash of Titans. This is because all the top cricketing countries play against each other to become the world’s number one team and lift the ultimate trophy. It takes place every four years, and cricket fanatics can’t keep their calm when it finally starts. As a result, the World Cup provides some of the biggest opportunities to veteran bettors and newbies. 

The Ashes

This tournament is played between Australia and England and comprises three test matches. Although test matches are slowly losing their magical charm of late, this tournament is just timeless. Cricket lovers enjoy it worldwide as two of the best teams face each other in the ultimate title clash. Because test matches are so unpredictable, they serve as a great ground for bettors to play off the field and win big. 

Any major series between two big teams

There are bilateral tournaments between different teams now and then, organized by ICC. When two cricketing giants come face-to-face, the players off the field win the most. These bilateral or trilateral tournaments provide great opportunities for the bettors to place numerous bets and win big. The longer the series, the more opportunities it offers bettors to guess the results and win more. 

T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is an ICC event every two years. It is a fast-paced tournament that is also extremely unpredictable. Hence, it offers a great window to all the gamers and bettors to make intelligent choices and win the bets. However, the odds during this tournament keep on shifting, so you need to be careful while placing your bets. 

Asia Cup 

Although this is a regional tournament, some of the biggest names in the cricketing world like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are a part of this tournament. The rivalry between India and Pakistan is enough to get the attention of any cricket lover. Because of this reason, the Asia Cup is also a great platform to wager bets. It provides you with an opportunity to place your best bets and win some cash prizes. The tournament is also a great watch as you have so many good teams playing against each other to gain supremacy in the sub-continent. 

Thus to conclude, it will be only fair to say that your moves in cricket betting define your winnings. If you want to make it big in cricket betting, you will have to improve your knowledge about the game. You must know the rules, stats, track records of the teams/players to enhance your chances of winning cricket betting. So if you think you know everything related to the game and are ready to accept the challenge, you can start your betting journey by wagering money in any of the tournaments as mentioned above. 


Name some of the best cricket tournaments to bet on?

You will find a lot of different cricket tournaments to place your bets, but not all of them are lucrative. So look out for IPL, Big Bash League, World Cup, T20 World Cup and Ashes if you want to win big by placing your bets on Cricket. 

Is betting on Cricket legal in India?

No, it isn’t legal to place bets on any sports in India. But it seems that cricket betting is slowly getting acceptance in the country, especially with so many online websites like Uwin Sports to place your bets on the game. 

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