Live Casino History and Types

All you need to know about Live Casino History and Types

Live casinos are fun, and people who have experienced it first hand can probably understand what we are talking about. From being available on streets to going online, casino games have come a long way.

It was in the mid 1990s when the world’s first online casino appeared, all because of a smart programming work of a software development company called Microgaming. The following two decades saw an exponential rise in the evolution of online casino games; from roulette to baccarat & blackjack, craps, and the slots. Every game was designed carefully with properly thought out code. These games became available on computers and smartphones worldwide.


Live Casinos – History

The casinos have been a lucrative Internet business since its inception, thanks to its ability to generate revenue and drive innovation. When casinos went online, random number generators ensured that every player had a fair and equal chance of winning and top-class security made sure that money remained safe and hackers stayed at bay.

It was around 2003 that the first live streaming casinos appeared. By that time, the casino business was fairly established and regulated by various watchdogs. However, some people were suspicious of any casino’s software algorithms.

The first live casinos that streamed out of Asia were not at their best; they encountered major problems such as breaks during live streams, spotty connections, and poor service. All these problems almost put this casino format to rest. The business idea of Live casinos was great but there was no strong enough supporting technology.

Post 2006, with advancement in technology, arrival of HTML5, evolution of smartphones, increased bandwidth, the Live casino business started thriving. Online casinos started working smoothly, as technology helped eliminate the problems encountered during live streaming.

Working of Live Dealer Casino Games

Players love the feeling of cards being dealt in front of their eyes. Software such as Optical Character Recognition are able to recognise the cards being dealt & translate the same into the digital characters on your smartphones and laptops. This simply means that any player can enjoy the experience of dealing with a croupier and dealer in real time. All of this is possible from the comfort of your home or any place that you choose, all you need is a stable internet connection.

As far as live casinos in Europe are concerned, Riga leads the way. Europe’s front-running online casinos get their B2B services mostly from Evolution Gaming and Playtech; both having large offices and studios. Some of the other casino brands include Ezugi which has 9 offices around the world. Another casino brand named Authentic Gaming provides “casino experience of tomorrow”, and has both custom-made studios and real, working hotels casinos.

Casino Mission Control

In 2017, Playtech opened the world’s largest live casino in Riga, capital of Latvian. This huge studio of 8,500 square meter is built with a global audience in mind, and broadcasts online casino gaming to the same.

The mission control complex has a 25-meter-wide curved LED wall on the top of the town’s medieval walls. Here, broadcasters can control and know exactly which visuals they want to transmit to their audiences. Along with everything else, there is also a research and development department, training facilities, and an ‘ideas and innovation’ room.

The business of the casino market is ever expanding and has new broadcast locations in Spain, Belgium, Romania, and the Philippines.

Cutting Edge Tech makes Live Action Fun

The cutting edge technology combines with organic live action, showcasing the true potential of the Internet. This holds true when you see some of the roulette games with bonus rounds.

When a bonus number lands, there is an animated display of bonuses and multipliers. This takes the roulette experience to a whole new level, which would not have been possible with the regular bricks and mortar casino. Live casino, when integrated with the player’s account, perfectly bridges the gap between online and offline casinos by delivering the best of both. Only complimentary drinks are on you!

Casinos are fun, and responsible operators make sure that any player’s wellbeing is prioritized along with keeping them entertained.

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  1. Which is the best place to play casino games online ?

Trusted casino websites and apps such as Uwin are the best places to play casino games.

  1. Are there any bonuses on the Uwin app?

There are many exciting bonuses available on the Uwin app. Check out some of them on the Uwin bonuses page.

  1. Does Uwin accept cryptocurrency like other online casinos?

Yes, Uwin accepts cryptocurrency (Tether) payment and also offers an 5% bonus on the deposit made through cryptocurrency.

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