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The Future of Online Gaming in India

India was one of the worst affected countries by the Covid 19 pandemic, and with the mandatory lockdowns, one industry that flourished during this period was the online gaming industry. It has become one of the main forms of entertainment for people from all walks of life, and what’s better than earning some extra money from the comfort of your home. 

Naturally, gambling is a fun activity to indulge yourself in, and almost everyone is prone to its influence. Although gambling is technically banned and illegal in the country, you will find dozens of online websites where Indians are playing casino games for real money with ease. With the coming of online gaming websites, people enjoying casino games and gambling have also gone up significantly. 

Technically gambling is considered an illegal activity in all the states of India. But there are no rules that state online gambling is illegal. The Indian IT Act is the only legislation that manages all kinds of cyber operations, including online gambling. And there are no special mentions or documents on online gambling. The only states where casinos and gambling are legally allowed are Goa, Daman Diu and Sikkim. The government in these states is lenient when it comes to skill-based games compared to luck-based games. However, the gambling laws may differ in these states according to the rules set by their state governments.

Although not regulating the online gaming industry by the government is a big advantage for them, some factors in play have led to the tremendous rise in online gaming and gambling in India. 

The first reason for the rise in online gaming has to be considered the rise in smartphones and free internet. India is considered one of the most capable countries when it comes to handling technology. More than half of the population of India has access to smartphones and free internet. As smartphones are becoming cheaper, more and more people are using them. And since most online gaming websites are accessible through a smartphone, more and more people are playing these online games to win real money. As phones and internet rates continue to go cheaper, more players will access these online gaming websites. 

The second reason was the neverending lockdowns throughout the country because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of the lockdowns, people were forced to stay inside their houses to curb the spreading of the virus. Many industries are finding it difficult to survive in the lockdown. One industry that skyrocketed was the online gaming industry. As people had nothing to do during the pandemic and had all the time in the world, many Indians tried their hands on different kinds of real money games to such an extent that now every day, there is a new platform providing online casino games.  

The rise in the demand for online gaming has also forced game developers and operators to develop new ideas and games to attract the maximum number of players to their platform. The level of competition among the game developers to outdo each other has led to one thing: the quality of games has improved significantly. And this, in turn, has attracted more players to enjoy the new and improved casino games online for some cash prizes. The game providers have also made it easier for online users to find them, which again attracts many players. 

Lastly, when it comes to online gaming and gambling, India has one of the most vibrant markets in the World. This forces the game providers and investors to spend billions of dollars in the Indian market because they know the returns are beyond their imagination. This is because Indian people are okay with gambling as they have seen their ancestors do it, and although it isn’t legal, you will find it socially acceptable. Also, the way Indians have welcomed the integration of gambling with technology seems like a natural fit to them. Because of these reasons, it has become impossible for game providers to look away from India. 

What does the future of online gaming look like in India? 

The World’s 15% of online gaming traffic accounts are from India, and almost 80% of Indians have tried their hands on online gambling at least once in the last year. According to a report, the online gaming industry will grow by almost 41% by 2024. 

India has also been ranked among the top online gaming software developers globally. This is mainly because Indian gaming companies have been regularly coming up with new and improved online games, which they give out in the international market. 

The future of online gaming in our country looks extremely bright. Once the government of India understands the real potential of the online gaming industry, legalizing online gaming and gambling will also be considered. Legalizing the online gambling industry will regulate the industry, create social awareness, and reduce technicalities. 

Thirteen states in India namely Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Assam, West Bengal, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim, Meghalaya and Mizoram have already legalized lottery games and online games for real money. Now we wait on the rest of the states to give online games for money the same status as these thirteen states.

It doesn’t look like the online gaming industry will slow down soon. On the contrary, the way Indians are playing online games for real money, it looks like the government will have to consider legalizing online gambling sooner or later. Also, the tax incentives and revenues from online gambling are way too much for the government to ignore. If nothing else, the tax revenues are enough to convince the government that it is high time to legalize online gambling


Do online gaming sites offer fair games?

Yes, online gaming sites offer fair games.  Players can play their best on any online game. 

Is money invested in online gaming safe?

Though there are certain gaming sites that are doubtful, the majority of the online gaming sites are safe and secure. 

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