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Top 10 Reasons Why Online Casinos Block Accounts

If you are an avid online casino games player, you must have experienced the joy of playing such games. Right from winning practice games to winning cash games, the ride is simply amazing. Now, imagine you being in the middle of this ride, and getting a deadly message saying, ‘Your online casino account is blocked’. You would freeze and be utterly confused, disappointed, angry, or all at the same time.

But, what is the reason why your account got blocked? If you are also pondering why such a situation can occur and want to avoid it, then see the top 10 reasons mentioned below that can lead to your online casino account being blocked.


1. Plenty of Unsuccessful Login Attempts

Unsuccessful Login attempts or too many of them, are a clear indication that someone is trying to hack the account or the user is being anxious. In either case, the system will block the account for security reasons.

Users can get in contact with the support team of the platform. Once the team is sure that you are a legitimate user, they will guide you, and following the suggested steps will give access to your account. Most platforms will have two-factor authentication, use it to add an extra layer of security to your account.

2. Failed Verification Process

Once you create a live casino account, you will need to complete the verification process. The verification process will need the user to provide a government ID or proof of their identity, failing to do so can lead to the account getting blocked.

As a part of the KYC policy, every licensed casino must verify all their players. KYC policies are in place to prevent anyone from laundering money through casino websites.

3. Underage Player

Regulations around minors playing online casino games are very strict. If any platform lets minors play on their platform, they will lose the licence and will have to pay a heavy fine. To know whether a player is minor or not, the platform can ask for ID after the player creates an account. 

4. Duplicate Account

Online casinos follow a “One account per person” policy. They can track the duplicate accounts through IP addresses. Duplicate accounts can happen by accident as well, where a user forgets his credentials, and then creates another account. 

5. Bonus Harvesting

Online casinos tend to offer hefty bonuses, encouraging the players to sign up. There are plenty of free spins or deposit bonuses that a platform can offer. A player trying to take unfair advantage of such bonuses with multiple accounts can find himself in trouble. Such a player can be permanently banned from the platform.

6. Suspicious Activity

Today, online casino platforms are technologically advanced. With machine learning and AI technology, casinos track down questionable patterns. Some patterns such as placing max bets on slot machines at a fixed time or  fixed betting amounts on certain poker hands are deemed as suspicious.

If any suspicious activities are detected with the help of online casino AI, that particular account will be blocked.

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7. Unusual Banking Transactions

Money laundering is the key concern when it comes to online casino games. Here, criminals get an excellent opportunity to legitimise their illegal funds. Casinos will report accounts that they feel are into money laundering. Using forbidden payment methods can also get your account blocked.  

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8. Too-Big Winnings

Too big winnings consistently can create trouble for players, as the platform can detect that a player might be playing with unfair practices. If a player uses shortcuts or cheats to win big amounts, online casinos will block the account.

If you don’t want your account to be blocked, make sure that you play fair.

9. Data Breach

When there is a data breach by hackers, the system will lock all of its accounts. This way, all your bankroll and personal information is protected. Cyber criminals always attempt to breach online casinos. Online casinos such as Uwin have latest security measures to avoid any unauthorised access. Whenever there is a data breach, the new-age platforms fix them immediately. For extra protection, you may be asked to change your password. 

10.Violating Terms & Conditions

Once you create a live casino online account with any platform, you agree to their terms and conditions. Understand those terms & conditions thoroughly, as breaking any one of them can lead to your account being banned.

What to do when your account gets blocked?

In case your account gets blocked, stay calm and read the casino platforms terms and conditions. Understand why your account got blocked and contact the customer support team for more assistance.

Now that you know things that can lead to your account being blocked, avoid such scenarios. You can start your online casino gaming journey on reliable online casino platforms such as Uwin sports. Uwin bonuses and Uwin promotions are best in the industry; try your hand at exciting games.


  1. Will I get banned if I hold multiple accounts with the same platform?

Yes, you should not have multiple accounts on the same platform.

  1. How do I increase my chances of winning without indulging in unfair practices?

You can start playing free games and watch tutorials to enhance your skills and understanding of the platform. Doing so will increase your chances of winning.

  1. Which platform should I start playing online casino games on?

You can begin your casino gaming journey on a reliable online casino platform, Uwin Sports.

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