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What Makes Online Table Games Better than Slot Games

If you have ever played online table games and slot games, most of you must have enjoyed table games more than the slot games. While the reasons for this conclusion might differ, there are few factors that give table games an edge over slot games.

Many online casino games in India are table games, where people showcase their skills to win handsome rewards. There are many live casino apps and sites where players can enjoy both online table games and slot games.

Let us now have a look at reasons that make table games better than slot games


Table Games are more Strategic

Table games are more strategic, where you need to plan strategies for the game and bets that you are going to place. In slots games, strategies take a back seat, and having fun takes the centre stage.

In table games there is always room for improvement, you can polish your skills by playing free and practise games. If played strategically, table games such as poker and blackjack can win you massive prizes.

Nothing is more satisfying than winning strategically as opposed to winning by triggering a slot machine.

Better Odds

If you are looking to make more money in the long run, then casino table games are what you should look for. The reason online table games can reward you massively is that they have better odds as compared to slot games. 

For example, the house edge is 4 to 10 percent for an average slot game. When you compare this with a table game like three card poker, it has a house edge of just over 3%, which can further be lowered by using smart strategies. When you use basic strategies and blackjack charts, a house edge in a blackjack game is less than one percent. There are table games where house edge does not even exist, you just play against other players and not the house.

This simply means that the way you read your opponents and apply the right poker strategies will determine your success.

Less Volatility

It is highly likely that you would lose more money in slot games than you would do at table games. When you bet money per spin, you are likely to run through your budget quickly as compared to online table games like blackjack or poker. There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious one is that slot games are fast, where you make more bets per hour. Another reason is that slot games rarely pay out 1:1. In online table games, unless you make side bets, there are frequent payouts valued at 1:1. Most times in slot games, you would only win a fraction of your initial bet.

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Table Games are more Social

If you want to visit a casino and play games that require no interactions, then you can play slot games. You can experience the casino atmosphere at its absolute best by playing table games with strangers. This can be uncomfortable at the start, but once you get the hang of things, you will enjoy it. People come to the casino and play table games to enjoy the atmosphere and play the game that they love. You can interact with other players, bring your friends along, and have a wonderful evening. Table games are a perfect opportunity to bond with people and have exciting times. 

Table Games are more Convenient

If you feel tired and need a break, you can take a break without losing your spot in table games. You can leave your chips on the table and tell the dealer that you need a break. In many casinos, you would get a break of somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes. In slot games, if you leave your slot, some other player will immediately grab that spot.

Slot and Table Games on Uwin

Uwin app and site is a reliable platform to play casino table games and slot games. You can check the Uwin promotions page to see exciting bonuses and offers. There are amazing live casino games on Uwin like Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, and more. If you are planning to play slot games, you have popular slots like Wild West Gold, Classic Online Slots, Gold of Egypt, Angels & Demons, and a lot more. Apart from this, you can also do online sports betting on the Uwin platform.


  1. Which platform should I choose to play online table games and slot games?

You can choose a reliable platform like Uwin to play online table games and slot games.

  1. Where can I make more money, online table games or slot games?

In the long run, online table games are where you can make more money, provided that you use the right strategies.

  1. Which slots are available on Uwin?

Slots like Wild West Gold, Classic Online Slots, Gold of Egypt, Angels & Demons, and a lot more are available on Uwin.

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