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What Is a Call Break Game And How To Win It?

Call break multiplayer card game is the perfect choice for you if you enjoy playing in a team, or if you like to compete hard or demonstrate your caliber more often than not. This game involves three or four participants, each one trying its level best to break the opponent hard.


History of Call Break Online Game

What started as a favorite pastime can let you earn money.  This live casino game is a household name and is popularly called Lakdi, Ghochi, Call Break, Tassh across various regions. It’s a game of probability where you must race your intellect and think before acting. 

How to play this live casino game?

The call break game online is similar to rummy. The whole deck of cards is distributed by the dealer among the four players. Each player gets 13 cards and bids are based on the cards in your hand. The goal of call break game online is to achieve maximum hands or at least hands as promised or predicted. If the player achieves the committed bid, he wins. Otherwise, he loses. 

Are there any specific call-break rules?

Like any other card game, the call break game online has a set of rules that every player has to follow to be declared the winner. Here we have mentioned the same.

  • The player sitting next to the dealer will play first hand.
  • The cards will be distributed in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • The spade is the biggest card of the call-break game. It can defeat the cards of other ranks. For example, if player A displays an ace card and player B displays a spade card. Player B will win this live casino game.
  • The game has 5 rounds, and after that the winning hand is declared, but it can be increased or decreased depending on the players.
  • To win the call break game online, you must match the hands you committed to initially; otherwise, you may lose the points. 
  • The dealer will take the last call.

Winning strategies required for playing this online game?

Follow SMART approach

Practice the SMART approach before making a move-in call break online card game. By smart we mean

S- Think Specific

Create a specific goal at the beginning of the game and place the bids accordingly. For example, if you decide to bid on five calls at the beginning, you have to make 5 hands; otherwise, you will lose and get negative points. 

M- Set Measurable goals

Calculate your risk appetite before playing the game. The conservative approach will work well and contribute to your winning points. Place the bids depending on your capabilities.

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A-Create strategies that can help you attain your ultimate goal

To play this online casino game, you must make attainable winning strategies that you can easily implement like;

  • Look at the opponents.

This online casino game does not involve only making mind strategies. You have to watch your opponent and observe him. It will prevent you from making unwise moves. For example, if you have the king of heart in your pack, but the ace of the heart is still with the opponent, we advise you not to play the card; otherwise, you might get defeated by the competitor.

  • Use trump cards wisely.

The call-break rules define that ace cards are the most prized possessions that should be used by the player with caution; otherwise, it could leave you in a mess. For example, if you have 4 ace cards, don’t think much, hit the opponent early, and ruin their game.

  • Take risks

 As a new player, it might seem challenging to guess which card will come across you; however, don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment. Remember, it is not the experience that foretells the winning position. It is your intellect and observation power that rules above the rest.

  • Start with low-strength cards.

Even the most experienced online casino games player swears by this strategy. It strengthens the player’s game and forces the opponent to place higher cards in the beginning, thus leaving them with fewer options in the middle of the game.

R- Stay relevant to the present moment

Make relevant strategies to play this online casino game. Don’t let the emotions fool you. A good player will understand the bidding process and point system that stays relevant. For example, if you bid three times and score more points, you win, and if you score fewer points, you lose it. The idea is to get acquainted with the rules

T- Make timely actions

Do you know timely actions can lead to a winning path? The same applies to call break online card games. For example, tracking your bids and adjusting the strategies accordingly will maximize the chances of winning.

Some bonus tips: There is no shortcut to winning the game or becoming the master without playing it and taking risks. The SMART approach will let you stay focused and adaptable throughout the game.

Do not place many bids in this call break the online game

If you have a temptation to earn a large income, do not overbid. The key objective is to attain your goal and keep scoring.

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  1. Which is the best site for playing the call break game?

A reputed online casino service provider like is a responsible gaming platform providing entertainment and money making opportunities. You can download call break apk to play the game on the move.

  1. Will you get the additional bonus?

The game allows you to earn a bonus on your deposits. Check Uwin Bonus to know different bonuses that you are eligible for.

  1. Is this game legal in India?

Since it is a skill-based game, it is legal in India, hence you can safely download Uwin app and start playing.

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