Cricket betting terms

Top Cricket Betting Terminologies and their Meaning Explained in Detail

If cricket and online cricket betting is something that excites you, then you must be aware of most cricket betting terminologies. There are many cricket betting terms that you might not have come across, especially if you are new to online cricket betting. In cricket betting, bets can be placed on top bowlers, top batsmen, and many others.

There are many online platforms that offer cricket betting online, go with the trusted one. Cricket betting provides an exciting opportunity to place your bets and win some real cash. But before you do that, you must be aware of various cricket betting terms that are available.


Cricket Betting Terms

Before you dive into the ocean of online cricket betting, it is important you get familiar with the following cricket betting terms:

First Over Runs Scored

For a specified limit, you need to predict the runs in the first over. It can be under or over the specified limit. For example, if the limit is 2.5 and there is 1 run scored in the first over, the winning bet is under. If there are 3 runs scored in the over, then the winning bet is over.

First Wicket Method

The method in which the first wicket will be taken. There are 6 options available which are bowled, caught, LBW, Stumped, Run Out, and others.

First Innings 50 or a 100 Scored

These bets are generally for a Test match and the two possible bets are Yes and No.

 Fifty or a Hundred to be Scored in a Match

Here the whole match is taken into consideration. In a T20 match, the odds that a batter will score a 50 or a 100 are highest, reasonable for ODI matches, and low for test matches.

Batsman Matches

An imaginary duel between the batsman with highest total runs and a betting provider is the winner of the duel.

Dead Heat

There can be two or more winners in a betting event, this situation is known as dead heat. For example, if there are 2 bowlers with the same number of wickets, then the dead heat rule is applicable and the bet will be worth half the original stake.

Draw no Bet

This market is given by the betting provider when there is a possibility of a draw.


These are wagers placed for an event that will occur in the future. For example, betting on the outcomes of cricket world cup 2023 matches.


This method is used to curb the losses. A player bets on the opposite side to curb losses in case he loses the original bet.

Highest Opening Partnership

The team which has the highest opening partnership in the game is the winner. The team which is more likely to win will have lower odds for its opening partnership.

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When a bet is most likely to win.

Man of the Match

Best performer in a match.

Most Match Sixes

A bet placed on a team to hit the most sixes in a match.

Most Run-Outs

The team which creates the most run-outs in a match while fielding is the winner.


A bet on whether the number of goals, points, or runs scored by the teams will be more or less than a specific number given by the betting provider.

Point Spread

A handicap given when a stronger team is expected to win against a weaker team.

Series Score

It involves betting on Test series matches correct score.

Highest Team Total in First 6 Overs

The team with the highest number of runs in the first six overs wins the bet.

To Win the Match

It is a bet on which team would win the match. You can also place a bet on a draw in test matches.

To Win the Toss

A bet for which team will win the toss.

To Win Outright

When you bet on the winner of a tournament or a series.

Top Match Batter

A bet placed on the batter with the highest score, across two teams.

Top Team Batter

A bet placed on a batter with the highest score, one from each team.

Top Team Bowler

For a particular team, a bowler with the most number of wickets. If there is a tie, a bowler who has conceded less runs wins the bet.


A bet placed on a team which is expected to lose the match.


The best possible odds on a bet.

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  1. Which is the best online cricket betting site?

Uwin sports is the best online cricket betting site.

  1. Can I place cricket bets during IPL 2023 on Uwin?

Yes, you can place cricket bets on Uwin during IPL 2023.

  1. When will the IPL 2023 final be played?

The IPL 2023 final will be played on May 28th.

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