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What is a combined bet? Understanding a combo bet in detail!

Your betting experience can go a notch higher with the combination bets. We will give you a detailed understanding of combo bets, so that you will understand why to choose this betting strategy. If you are ready for combo bets, let’s go.


What is a Combined Bet?

A combined bet is a betting strategy where a bet is made up of various combinations of bets. However, there is an important difference between combination bets and accumulator bets. In an accumulator bet, it fails if one of your selections does not win. In combined bet a bet is successful if at least two of your bet types are successful. When you play combination bets, you would generally place the same amount on each bet type.

Types of Combined Bets

Many punters would use a combined bet to increase their chances of winning and mitigate losses. For example, if you place a single bet on a horse race and your horse loses, then you will lose the entire betting amount. Consider that you place two bets on the race, even if you win one bet, you will mitigate your losses. Following are different kinds of combined bets.

A Double

Here a punter joins two or more selections into a single bet, making it a double.

A Treble

Punter takes three selections as a unit.


Fold means anything from 4 to 6 and it means combining 4 to 6 different bet selections into a unit. Combined betting can become a slightly more complex after this type of combined bet, but if you are able to stick to it, you might enjoy the real advantage of this betting strategy.

The Trixie

This bet allows group bets that include single, double, treble, or higher. Here a punter can place four bets on three selections in different events. This can include one treble and three doubles. Depending on the odds of the bets, a punter will receive a return if at least two of the bets succeed.

The Yankee

This bet includes six doubles and four trebles. If at least two of the selections are correct, then you would get a return.

There is a large variety when it comes to the different kinds of combined bets that you can use. If you are new, it would be wise to start with smaller bets that have less selections. This will help you understand how different strategies can benefit you.

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Tips to get most out of your Combined Bet

Following are a few tips to help you make smart decisions while using combined bets.

Choose the sport you know

Before you place any combined bet, you must have at least basic knowledge of the sport you would like to bet on. Having knowledge of the sport will help you make better decisions while placing combined bets. Once you understand how combined bets work, you can move to other sports and events. So, start with what you know and then try out combined betting across different sports.

Use available statistics wisely

Make smart use of the data available to you, as using it will increase your chance of winning a bet. When you bet on different selections, you should make best use of whatever data is available to you.

For example, if you are placing a bet on a horse, you should know about its previous performances. Take factors such as how the horse runs on certain surfaces, whether it has prior injuries, and more into consideration.

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Pros of Combined Betting

The main advantage of combined betting is that you don’t need all your selections to be successful in order to make a profit. You need at least two of your selections to be correct so that you gain your return.

Cons of Combined Betting

With combined betting, the chances of you winning every selection is very slim. So, don’t get disheartened when you lose multiple selections and remember that you need to win at least two selections.


The combined betting strategy may be an overwhelming experience at first. It is advised that you understand this strategy first, use it, and then try various types.

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  1. Where can I learn online sports betting?

You can learn online sports betting on trusted online betting platforms like Uwin.

  1. Can I win by placing online sports bets on Uwin?

If you use smart strategies, you can win by placing online sports bets on Uwin.

  1. Are combination bets easy to understand?

Yes, combination bets are easy to understand. But it is recommended that you learn them at a pace that you are comfortable with.

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