Easiest Sports to Bet Online

Top Easiest Sports to Bet Online and Win – Successful Betting in India 2023

Sports are very popular in the country, especially cricket. The sport is so popular that cricketers are worshipped as gods. Other sports like football, tennis, kabaddi, and basketball are also growing at a rapid pace in India. With the popularity of sports growing, sports betting is also becoming common now. People are loving betting on sports on trusted platforms like Uwin.

With an array of sports to bet on, people look forward to sports betting online and to win exciting rewards.


Sports Betting in 2023

As the number suggests, the online betting sector is on the rise and will continue to do so in 2023. Following are the reasons why this would happen.

  1. Number of players available on online betting sites has increased.
  2. Also, there is a rise in the number of online sports betting platforms.

Users now have plenty of options to choose from. But new players might find it overwhelming to choose a sport and bet on it.

Top Easiest Sports to Bet

Following are some popular sports in India on which players can bet easily and get good returns:


Cricket is perhaps the most loved sport in the country. There is a huge admiration for the sport and cricket players. Major events like world cups and IPL are like festivals, and such things unite the entire nation. Cricket betting was present offline, but it became popular when it went online.

During IPL or other major events, betting sites try to offer best odds, as they know people are interested and will show up to bet. The love for the sport and cricket betting is ever-increasing.

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Football in India was introduced by the Britishers, and one of the oldest clubs in the country is Mohun Bagan (1890s). In terms of popularity, football is second only to cricket. Football betting is also common in the country. Players do football betting during popular football leagues like EPL, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and many other leagues around the world. There are international events like world cups, Euro, Copa America, and more where the interest level of football fans and bettors is high. Football betting is here to stay and rise.


Tennis has seen a rise in popularity in India thanks to players like Federer  and Nadal. There are four Grand Slams that captivate the attention of the entire world and tennis betting during those events is massive. Four Grand Slams, US Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and Australian Open are watched closely and tennis bettors bet on their favourite players and matches to win massive rewards.

The country is blessed to have players like Leander Paes, Sania Mirza, Mahesh Bhupati, and more who have taken the sport to a next level in India.


Kabaddi is a sport that is quite popular in the country. The game is mostly popular in the Indian subcontinent and is great to place your bets on. A Kabaddi match also has a short duration, meaning that people don’t have to invest much time, can place bets and get winnings quickly. Although the sport is not as popular as cricket or football, its popularity is growing with every passing day.


Basketball is a sport that is slowly starting to make its mark in the country. It is nowhere close to the popularity of cricket and football, but people are slowly starting to watch and enjoy the sport. Basketball betting is taking baby steps in the country, and in the coming days this sport might become a huge thing.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the country. Due to the same reason, it also has a huge fan base who does horse betting online and offline. The sport is on the rise in the country and betting on horse racing can be highly rewarding.

There are no government restrictions on horse betting, as it is considered a skill-based game. This factor has also contributed a lot in the popularity of horse race betting. Also, horse racing events are present almost all-round the year, so people can watch and bet on this sport throughout the year. 

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Sports betting in India is quite popular due to various reasons. There are some sports that are more popular than the others. Sports like cricket, football, and kabaddi are among few that are loved across the country. With the rise of online sports betting platforms and love for various sports, the sports betting industry is growing exponentially. If you also want to bet on popular sports in the country, you can pick reliable online sports betting platforms like Uwin.


  1. Where can I do sports betting?

You can do sports betting on reliable sports betting sites like Uwin.

  1. Can I do cricket betting during the IPL season?

Yes, you can place cricket bets during the IPL season, and even after that.

  1. Is horse betting legal in India?

Yes. Horse betting is legal in India, as it is a game of skill.

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