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History of Sports Betting – Where and When did it Start?

History of sports betting is over a thousand years old. Today the betting on sports has gone online and the global sports betting industry is worth more than $200 billion. With each passing day, the love for online sports betting such as online football betting, online cricket betting is increasing.

There are plenty of online betting sites and betting apps, where you can place your bets and win handsome rewards.

Online sports betting is extremely popular in the United States and Asia, where platforms such as Uwin get a lot of attention from the players. With betting on sports being loved so much across the globe now, do you know how & when did it start, and how did it evolve over the number of years.


Origins of Sports Betting – Where it all started

The roots of betting on sports are very ancient, where the first popular sport that grabbed the attention of bettors was chariot racing. The bettors would stake their money on the final position of the participants, much like today’s horse racing betting.

A couple of centuries later, betting began on other popular sports such as boxing. There were other ancient sports too such as wrestling and running that were gaining popularity in the betting world, but none could match the popularity of horse racing.

Horse racing dominated the betting space for centuries, until the 1800s where new sports such as football and tennis emerged.

Football Grabs the Limelight

Origins of football could be dated back to the mid-1800s, where football clubs started popping up in England. Football took no real time to get popular and was enjoyed across the globe.

The simplicity of the sport allowed the betters to bet without much concentration or previous knowledge. Football, even today, is one of the most popular sports. There are many betting sites today where you can bet on football and earn amazing rewards.

Legality around Sports Betting

Sports betting became immensely popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. At that same time, first betting on sports legislation came out. Sports bettors in most countries were utterly disappointed, as the betting laws were very strict and restrictive. In the first few decades of the 20th century, betting on sports was banned in the majority of the world.

Betting took a hit, especially in the U.S., where betting related activities were strictly monitored. Even today, many states of the U.S. have an unfavourable stance towards betting.

It was when the mid-20th century passed, many countries across the globe started embracing and opening up to sports betting. By the end of the 20th century, sports betting became immensely popular in Europe. In the U.S. full-scale legality for sports betting continued to grow across states.

Introduction of Online Betting Sites

In 1996, the Intertops website became the first online betting site. It started something that became a trend and has changed the betting industry forever.

With the advent of online sports betting, bettors now were no longer confined to a physical location. They could communicate with the sportsbooks from anywhere, anytime, and place a bet. People started to realise that online sports betting is here to stay, especially from the start of the 21st century.

History Unfolding in Front of our Eyes

Sports betting has become very popular and is at its peak during major tournaments such as world cups, grand slams, etc. Most countries allow betting once an individual turns 18 or 21 years old. There are thousands of sports betting websites today for online bettors to choose from.

Sports betting has come along a long way, but only time will tell how long it will go. The industry is growing rapidly right in front of our eyes, and there seems to be no end to the popularity of betting.

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  1. Which sports betting website should I choose?

You can choose reliable websites such as Uwin.

  1. Can I do football betting on the Uwin app during the FIFA world cup 2022?

Yes, you can place your bets on football matches during the FIFA world cup 2022.

  1. Which cryptocurrency does Uwin accept?

Uwin accepts Tether cryptocurrency and also gives an 8% bonus on the same.   

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