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How does E – Sports Betting differ from Sports Betting?

In the past few years, e-sports has gained a massive popularity due to various reasons, major one being lockdowns where people were forced to stay at home. There were many e-sports events throughout the year and it meant that e-sports business became a popular betting market. Even though there has been a rise in e-sports betting, there has not been a decline in sports betting. The sports betting industry is also making rapid strides. People are often confused between these 2 betting events, and try to find out what is the difference between them. Apart from the format, which is an obvious difference, people want to know how sports and e-sports differ when it comes to betting. If you know the difference, you can switch between e-sports betting and sports betting.

Let us know what is the difference between e-sports betting and sports betting:


Formats of Competition are different in E-Sports

People generally have a fair idea of how sports betting works. There are many leagues and tournaments around the globe that go for weeks, months, to even a year. Different types of bets exist in sports betting, but the ones most preferred are leagues and tournaments, over individual games. Games like Tennis are popular for individual matches, and sports like football, baseball are famous for tournaments.

In e-sports things are a bit different. You will find that in e-sports a lot of things depend on a match, as most of them are death battles. Pointwise leaderboards are very common in sports tournaments, but the same is not true with e-sports tournaments. Every match is a knockout in e-sports and that is why there is a lot of importance on every match. Bettors are hooked to every game in e-sports, as every game brings in plenty of opportunities to bet and win big.

Injury and Fatigue

When it comes to sports betting, bettors need to take into consideration various factors apart from a team’s performance. Factors like a player’s form, fatigue, or injury can make a massive difference in the team’s performance. If you want to become a successful sports bettor, you would need to keep a close eye on individual player’s form, injuries, etc to ensure that they make the right choices.

In e-sports there are not many factors to consider while betting, and even if there are occasionally, they are of less significance. Chances of fatigue and injuries are minimal in e-sports tournaments. This is the reason why e-sports tournaments do not have much of an effect on a player’s performance.

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Various Bets

Sports in general have very basic types of betting which are very popular among bettors, and that is why they stick with them while placing their bets. Some popular bets are money line bets, handicaps, and straight bets. There are other bets with narrow options, obviously less popular. Most bettors go for the popular type of bets.

E-Sports betting has all types of bets. Number and variety of bets in e-sports market is plenty. In e-sports, there are many bets that are based on specific games and teams. If you are an e-sports bettor, you would have a lot more betting options than a sports bettor.

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Another major difference between sports betting and e-sports betting is volatility. A lesser team winning against all odds is rare in sports. The dominant team who has great recent form is the one who wins mostly. Novice players can also predict the outcome of a game, provided that they have kept track of teams and players.

Chances of underdogs winning in e-sports is high. Teams can surprise you with unexpected performances in the middle of a tournament. If you are planning to bet on a e-sports event, you need to be extra careful.


Sports and e-sports are different in many ways. E-Sports games are less likely to be affected by external factors.

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  1. Should I go for e-sports betting or sports betting?

You can go for both. If you are new, you can try sports betting first, and then move to e-sports betting.

  1. Which platform should I pick when going for sports betting?

You have to pick trusted online platforms like Uwin when you plan to do sports betting.

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