Overpaid vs. Underpaid Players of IPL 2024

Overpaid vs. Underpaid Players of IPL 2024 

There’s a lot of talk about the Overpaid vs. Underpaid Players of IPL 2024 season, and whether players’ large salaries are justified by their on-field accomplishments. While some players appear to be making more money than they are putting in, others may be producing excellent work but not always receiving the credit they deserve.

When we refer to players who are overpaid, we imply individuals who are getting high salaries but aren’t performing up to the standards set for them. Their hefty salary appears dubious because they might not be contributing much during games. Conversely, players who surpass their pay grade are considered undervalued. They may not be getting paid as much as they should even though they are significantly contributing to the success of their teams.

We take into account a player’s leadership qualities, consistency in performance, and frequency of team victories to assess if they are being overpaid or underpaid. We can determine whether a player’s pay is commensurate with their performance on the field by looking at these factors.


Exploring the Overpaid Players in Cricket IPL 2024

Mitchell Starc (Kolkata Knight Riders) – ₹24,75,00,000

Although Mitchell Starc’s ₹24,75,00,000 acquisition by the Kolkata Knight Riders created headlines, the high price tag also caused some people to take notice. Starc is without a doubt a world-class bowler, but injuries and international obligations have limited his availability in the IPL. His expensive price tag has raised concerns about whether his on-field impact merits it given his limited availability. Even with his obvious talent, some believe Starc is overpaid in the Indian Premier League because of his inconsistent performances, especially with the huge financial commitment made by the Kolkata Knight Riders. But Starc can establish his worth and quiet the doubters if he can maintain his fitness and produce game-winning performances when needed.

Pat Cummins (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – ₹20,50,00,000

Pat Cummins is one of the highest-paid players in IPL history after being added to the Sunrisers Hyderabad squad for ₹20,50,00,000, which caused some controversy. Because of his versatility and ability to bat and bowl, Cummins’ reputation as an all-around player brings tremendous value to the squad. Nonetheless, discussions concerning whether his on-field accomplishments warrant such a substantial expenditure have been spurred by his exorbitant price tag. Although Cummins unquestionably adds expertise and power to the Sunrisers Hyderabad lineup, concerns have been raised regarding the return on investment because of his inconsistent availability due to international commitments and the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket. Notwithstanding these doubts, Cummins can produce game-winning performances; if he can continually display his abilities and earn his prize, he can silence any doubts surrounding his value to the team.

Alzarri Joseph (Royal Challengers Bangalore) – ₹11,50,00,000

Almazarri Joseph’s ₹11,50,00,000 acquisition to join the Royal Challengers Bangalore team represented a substantial financial commitment, which matched the team’s high hopes for the young fast bowler. Joseph set a record in his IPL debut, making it unforgettable, but his performance in the following seasons has been inconsistent. Given his price range, Joseph is under more pressure to continually produce game-winning performances to earn his high price. Even though Joseph has shown flashes of brilliance and potential, he needs to start converting those moments into regular contributions on the field. Joseph must overcome his inconsistencies and demonstrate his value as a significant asset for Royal Challengers Bangalore now that he is under intense scrutiny.

Exploring Underpaid Players

Spencer Johnson (Gujarat Titans) – ₹10,00,00,000

The Gujarat Titans’ ₹10,00,000 signing of Spencer Johnson may not seem like a big deal in comparison to other more expensive players, but it shows that the organization believes he has the makings of a future star. Johnson is a young bowler with promise who has the abilities, personality, and ability to play a major role for the Gujarat Titans in the future. Johnson is a valuable addition to the club regardless of his very cheap salary. With the hope that he will continue to grow and contribute significantly on the field, his participation in the squad is an investment in the future of the team. With the correct direction and chances, Johnson can become an indispensable member of the Gujarat Titans and leave a lasting impact on the IPL stage.

Sameer Rizvi (Chennai Super Kings) – ₹8,40,00,000

The Chennai Super Kings made a wise investment in Sameer Rizvi when they acquired him for ₹8,40,00,000, given his versatility as a batsman and his occasional ability to bowl spin. Rizvi is a vital asset to the squad because of his versatility, even though his contract is not as expensive as some of the other players. His ability to contribute significantly at key junctures in the game gives the Chennai Super Kings team more depth. The team’s deliberate commitment to assembling a well-rounded roster that can handle a variety of on-field scenarios is shown in Rizvi’s participation. Even though he might not have the biggest salary of any player, Rizvi is still a key asset to the Chennai Super Kings in their IPL success story because of his ability to perform when it counts most.

Rilee Rossouw (Punjab Kings) – ₹8,00,00,000

The Punjab Kings’ acquisition of Rilee Rossouw for ₹8,00,00,000 is regarded as a steal because of his extensive experience and versatility as a batter. Without straining the team’s budget, Rossouw is a significant addition to the batting lineup because of his ability to anchor the innings or accelerate the run pace. His presence gives the Punjab Kings’ batting order stability and depth, giving the club the adaptability to adjust to different match circumstances. Even with his comparatively low price tag in comparison to certain other players, Rossouw’s value is derived from his track record of accomplishments and his capacity to provide reliable performances on the field. The Punjab Kings can rely on Rossouw’s experience to strengthen their batting lineup and make a substantial contribution to the IPL.

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How will the IPL 2024 player salaries be decided?

In the Indian Premier League 2024, teams would usually use auctions to decide player pay. The teams will bid on players according to their perceived worth, past performance, and present form.

What aspects of a player’s compensation are deemed excessive?

A player may be seen to have received an excessive salary in the 2024 Indian Premier League if they exhibit unpredictability, are prone to injuries, or fall short of expectations.

Despite their meagre pay, how do underpaid players have an impact?

Underpaid players frequently make up for their low pay by giving strong, reliable performances on the field, which demonstrates their value to their teams.

Can a player’s pay be changed in midseason in response to their performance?

In most IPL contracts, player pay is set for the whole season and is not changed in the middle of the competition based on player performance.

Are player salaries in the Indian Premier League subject to any limitations or salary caps?

Indeed, to maintain fairness and competition among the clubs, the IPL sets salary limitations. Teams are nevertheless free to choose how much to pay individual players per their needs and tactics within these caps.


An intriguing look at the mechanics of player appraisal and performance evaluation in professional cricket may be had from the IPL 2024 salary controversy. The criticism around player salary increases when teams spend large sums of money on talent acquisition, with both experts and fans offering their opinions on how valuable they believe each player to be. Some players may command high salaries yet perform inconsistently, while others may be well compensated but still perform admirably.

We have examined the disparity between players in the IPL 2024 who are overpaid and those who are undervalued through this analysis, illuminating the elements that influence each group. The performances of these individuals will continue to influence opinions and spark debates as the competition goes on, giving the IPL spectacle an additional degree of excitement.

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