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Join Sports Betting and Online Casino Games on Uwin with Tether Crypto

If online casino games and sports betting excite you, then you must surely get on the Uwin casino app. Uwin promotions are one of the best live casino games promotions, as they offer unmatched rewards.

On the Uwin app you will not only get to play online casino games, but also be able to do sports betting, play card games, and exciting slot games. In sports betting, there are sports like Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, and Football where you can place your bets and win some amazing prizes. Uwin, a live casino sports betting app, also has casino card games, Rummy, Dice, and other popular games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. Slot games are something that can bring out the inner child in you; slot games like Wild West Gold, Classic Online Slots, Gold of Egypt, Angels & Demons, and more are available on Uwin, the best online crypto casino app.

After knowing that Uwin has such a wide range of engaging games, you must be wondering how to join such games. First thing you need to do is go for Uwin app download. Once you have installed the app, you can make a deposit using payment methods such as UPIs, Debit/Credit cards, or the newly added USDT payment. USDT is basically Tether cryptocurrency that can be used to join various live casino games and place bets on different sports available on the Uwin platform.


What is Cryptocurrency?

One of the payment methods that can be used to join live casino games on Uwin is Tether cryptocurrency. But what exactly is this cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is nothing but digital currency, where transactions are verified and records are maintained by a decentralized system. Decentralized authorities use cryptography to manage transactions and records.

How to use Tether cryptocurrency?

Uwin is an online sports app that makes online casino games exciting, where users have an engaging gaming experience like never before. Tether cryptocurrency is one of the payment methods that can be used to join amazing games on the Uwin app. To make a deposit on the Uwin app, you must first download and install the app on your mobile. Get yourself registered on the Uwin casino app, hover over your profile image and select transaction record. Select the deposit option and select USDT as your payment option. To make a deposit using USDT, the minimum amount required is ₹100 and maximum amount can be ₹1000000.

Why deposit using the Tether USDT payment method?

Tether (USDT) is currently the best cryptocurrency in terms of stability and has widespread integration with various exchanges. Value of USDT does not fluctuate based on the market demands.

USDT payment method on the Uwin casino website and app gives you an instant 8% bonus, so you don’t have to wait for something that you deserve 

What is the difference between USDT and Real Money (USD)?

USDT is a cryptocurrency while USD is a fiat currency. USDT is pegged 1:1 to USD, the reason why USDT is called stablecoin. USDT is a symbol for Tether cryptocurrency, while $ is a symbol for USD.  

Uwin App

If sports betting and online casino games get you excited, you need to visit the Uwin website and get on the Uwin app. Top features of the Uwin app are amazing referral bonuses, fast withdrawals, and efficient 24/7 customer service. Uwin, an online casino and sports betting platform, is a 100% safe and legal place to play, so you can have an enjoyable time without any worries.

Uwin Promotions

Uwin, the best online crypto casino app, offers some amazing uwin bonuses. A list of few bonuses is as follows:

Instant Surprise Offer

Uwin not only has Tether cryptocurrency as a payment method, but also gives an 8% instant bonus on any deposit made using Tether cryptocurrency.

Monthly Deposit Free Rewards

Monthly Deposit rewards are given out in two options, one is mobile top-up voucher and the other is Amazon gift card. The minimum monthly deposit needed to get the reward is ₹1,000. Reward value for monthly deposit ranges from 50 to 5,00,000. 

Lucky Draw Surprise Bonus

All registered users who have made at least a minimum recharge will be added in this lucky draw. Everyday winners will be selected from the lucky draw, and they will receive a surprise bonus.

First Deposit Bonus

Make your first deposit of minimum ₹500 to get this bonus. Following is the First Deposit bonus structure:

Deposit AmountBonusBet amountWithdrawal limit
500+200040000Deposit amount * 5

Everyday Bonus

The structure of exciting everyday bonus is as follows:

DayBonus %Rolled OverMinimum DepositMaximum Bonus
Friday30%64000+  37777
Saturday35%75000+  37777
Sunday40%86000+  37777

Bonus on each Deposit

For all new and returning players, there is an amazing bonus on Uwin, Bonus on each deposit. Structure of bonus on each deposit is as follows:

Deposit AmountBonus AmountBetting Turnover

Additional Bonus on Higher Deposit

Additional bonus requires users to make higher deposits daily, minimum being 10,000. The structure of additional bonus on higher deposit is as follows:

Daily Deposit AmountBonus on the dayBetting Turnover
10,000+177          3X
30,000+377          3X
50,000+577          3X
1,00,000+1777          3X

Win Bigger get Bigger Bonus

Winning big can give you bigger bonuses. The structure of Win Bigger get Bigger Bonus is as follows:

Profit Amount of the DayBonusRolled Over
200079        1X
5000179        1X
10000379        1X
1000003799        1X
100000037999        1X
10000000379999        1X
1000000003799999        1X
100000000037999999        1X

Team Up with Friends Bonus

Team Up with Friends bonus is where you get rewards for inviting your friends on India’s best online casino app, Uwin. Once your friends download the app using your referral links or QR codes, they must deposit a minimum of ₹100 for you to get a reward of ₹100. For every successful referral, you will get ₹100.


  • Is USDT mode of payment safe?

Yes. Just like any other payment mode on Uwin, USDT is a 100% safe mode of payment.

  • How much bonus would I get by depositing using USDT?

You would get an 8% bonus on your deposit amount using USDT.

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