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Top Reasons why KYC is required in Live Casino Games and Sports Betting Sites in India?

Online casino games and sports betting sites have grown immensely in popularity across India. There are many financial transactions that take place on live casino apps and casino websites, and all such apps and websites are required to comply with the rules of financial institutions such as banks. One such requirement is the mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure that bettors and players must go through.

The main aim of KYC is to curb the money laundering cases and identify fraud incidents. If you are interested in knowing what KYC is and why players are required to go through this, then keep reading this article till the end. We will make sure that the basics of this procedure are covered, so that you get a fair idea on KYC.


What exactly does KYC mean in Live Casino Games and Sports Betting?

Operators and sports betting sites need to know their customers better. This is to avoid fraudulent activities such as illegal/underground betting, betting syndicates, match fixing, tax evasion, money laundering etc.

KYC is normal in India and in most parts of the world when it comes to online betting in India. KYC procedure is also required while investing in stock markets and cryptocurrencies, opening a new bank account or while installing a new UPI payment app.

In the world of betting, KYC becomes all the more important to counter rouge & negative elements. With the help of KYC, betting operators verify their customer’s identity and check whether they are involved in any financial crimes or not. Sportsbooks also check whether the information provided by the customer during registration matches with the provided documents.

KYC helps the operators verify the source of funds, it lets them know whether the funds are backed by any illegal activities or not.

Following is a standard list of documents that most casino platforms and sports betting platforms in India would ask:

  • Address Proof – Aadhar card, passport, rental agreement, utility bills
  • Identity Proof – PAN card, driving licence, Aadhar Card, passport
  • Source of Funds – Recent Credit Card statement/bank statement

Many online betting sites would restrict their players from withdrawing cash before completion of KYC procedure. For example: Imagine you win Rs. 5,000. You will only be able to withdraw winnings when the operator has verified your account and identity.

Extra layer of security can be added with measures such as uploading self-attested copies, submitting completely filled application forms, video KYC etc.

KYC will help limit Fraudulent Activities

India’s betting market is huge, and is increasing at a rapid pace with each passing day. Most of the market is underground and unregulated. This means that the government loses out on a lot of tax benefits. Instead of making revenue, winnings go untaxed, which may pile dirty money that criminals might use for illegal activities.

There needs to be a proper system in place, where betting takes place in a regulated and legalised manner. KYC is the first step that will safeguard the interests of users and operators, while making sure that illegal betting does not take place.

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Betting industry is going to boom in the coming years, and only time will tell by how much. With many people attracted towards this industry, there are chances that some criminal-minded people find loopholes to make illegal money through betting. To curb such activities proper systems should be in place, such as KYC. If done correctly, operators will have enough information about their customers. This will help them identify the customer using whose account the fraudulent activity is done. With measures such as video KYC, betting sites can be made more secure.

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