Uwin IPL Special Betting Bonuses

What are the Exciting Uwin IPL Special Betting Bonuses?

It is that time of the year when the excitement hits another level, thanks to the Indian Premier League. IPL 2023 has begun and cricket fans just can’t keep calm. Fans are betting on their favourite players and teams to bring home the coveted IPL trophy.

If you are one such cricket fan who loves cricket and IPL betting, you have to be on the Uwin Sports platform. The platform offers IPL special bonuses for cricket enthusiasts like you. Just like you want your favourite IPL team to win, Uwin wants you to win big during this IPL 2023 season.

What are you waiting for? Let us check the incredible IPL bonuses and more that Uwin has to offer.


Uwin IPL Special Betting Bonuses

Uwin has two IPL special bonuses in place for all the cricket and IPL fans.

IPL First Deposit Bonus

The first time deposit bonus is the one that you get on your initial deposit. Follow the simple steps to claim this rewarding IPL deposit bonus.

  • “Log in” to your Uwin account and click on the “Deposit” icon.
  • Make a first deposit with a minimum amount of Rs. 500.
  • After the successful deposit, get in touch with Uwin’s customer service through live chat.
  • Uwin’s customer service personnel will apply the bonus to your account.

Following table will give you a better understanding of the IPL First Deposit Bonus

Deposit AmountBonusBet AmountWithdrawal Limit

500+ 150030000Deposit amount * 5

To get a detailed idea of this bonus, please go through its terms & conditions.

IPL 2023 Special Bonus

The second IPL special bonus on Uwin is the “IPL 2023 Special Bonus”. It is a daily deposit bonus up to 30%. Ensure that you avail this promotion after depositing the amount but before placing bets.

Following bonuses are available on the different days of the week.

Day of the Week Bonus % Rolled Over Minimum Deposit Maximum Bonus
Monday 5% 3X 500+ 37777
Tuesday 10% 5X 500+ 37777
Wednesday 15% 8X 500+ 37777
Thursday 20% 10X 500+ 37777
Friday 25% 12X 500+ 17777
Saturday 30% 15X 500+ 17777
Sunday 30% 15X 500+ 17777

Check the terms & conditions of this promotion here.

Other Exciting Casino Bonuses Available on Uwin

Team Up with Friends

There are 2 activities in the Team Up with Friends bonus.

Activity 1: Invite friends with courtesy

If you are part of the Uwin family, you can invite friends through promotional links or QR codes. When the invited friends complete the first deposit, the bonus gets credited to the account the next day.

For a given day,

Number of InvitedInvitation Bonus (Rupees)

Example: User A successfully invites a friend with an accumulative deposit of 100-1000 rupees on the day. User A can get the bonus of the accumulated deposit amount of the invited customers on the day, the bonus limit is Rs. 1000, and so on for more referrals and more rewards. 

Activity 2: Team Welfare

During the event, the members who successfully receive activity 1 will be regarded as a successful team. According to the invited members completing the following designated game tasks, the invitees can enjoy the bonuses of the following corresponding gears. The more invitations, the more bonuses they will receive.

Game TaskTotal deposit of the invitee on the day is > 3000Valid bets made on the day > 30000
InviteesRs. 500Rs. 700
InvitorRs. 500Rs. 700

Note: Activity 2 will be distributed according to the highest bonus.

Read the terms & conditions to understand this bonus better.

Bonus on each Deposit Bonus

This is an additional bonus on each deposit for new and returning players.

Deposit Amount Bonus Amount Betting Turnover
500+ 20%20
15% 12%20
10% 10%20
5% 5%20

Read the terms & conditions of this promotion to understand it better.

Additional Bonus on Higher Deposit

This is yet another additional bonus for new and returning players. See the following table to get more clarity.

Deposit Amount, total deposit of the day  Bonus on the day Betting Turnover
10000+ 77 1X
30000+ 177 1X
50000+ 377 1X
100000+ 577 1X

Go through the terms & conditions of this bonus to get a better understanding.

Win Bigger get Bigger Bonus

This bonus depends on the profits you make on a given day. Higher the profit, higher the bonus amount.

Profit amount of the day Bonus Rolled Over
3000 57 1X
100000 19771X
1000000 19777 1X
10000000 197777 1X
100000000 1977777 1X
1000000000 19777777 1X

Check the rules of this bonus here.

Why choose Uwin for IPL Betting?

Uwin is the most trusted online cricket betting platform in India. It has a variety of bonuses, especially some are designed exclusively for IPL betting. The ease with which you can bet on Uwin is second to none. Withdrawal and deposit processes are smooth and secure. Overall, the platform is a perfect place to be during the exciting time of IPL.

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  1. Where can I bet on the IPL?

You can do IPL betting on a trusted online betting platform like Uwin.

  1. When is the IPL 2023 final?

The IPL 2023 final is scheduled on 28th May.

  1. Who will win the IPL 2023?

There are many strong contenders to win the IPL 2023. Teams like Punjab and Lucknow are in some real great form.

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